Healthy Indian Snacks for Munching Times


[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen you are chained to a desk or binge watching Netflix it is extremely difficult, almost impossible to resist snacking. Snack vending machines at work and local markets have a magnetic field whose force feels far stronger than earth’s gravitational field. As monsoon picks up pace across south Asia who would not want to gorge on a crispy SAMOSA and a cup of Tea in the evening. The divine taste has a larger than life experience.

Some other sister concerns in this alarmingly unhealthy list of ready to eat evening snacks include Kachoris, Packed food, Chips, Aerated beverages, Fried Momo’s, etc. This pocket friendly list of food comes at dirt cheap price you don’t even have to think twice before spending, and a quantity perfectly apt for the evening hunger. While this food might bring a temporary comfort to your ordinary day, it is high in bad cholesterol, sodium, sugar and Fat. Munching when you are not hungry can rack up lots of unaccounted extra calories which becomes a reason for your weight gain.

Judicious use of snacks can help you suppress munching boredom cravings at work, while keeping the metabolism elevated to boost your calorie burn. Here are few portable snack options that help you keep a watch on your weight scales.

  1. Popcornpocorn

This one’s for the weekend and binge watching hour, while you are glued to Netflix screens you are bound to feel the urge to munch. The movie theater favorite is a whole grain and packs less than 30 calories per cup (minus butter). You don’t know how they are made in store, so instead of buying a store made pack make sure to cook them at home.



  1. Diet Mixture: Chana(Chickpeas), Murmura, Makhana(foxnut), Chiwda

If you have heard the word Diet Namkeen in India, then you would be having an idea about this combination. Murmura (puffed rice) a key ingredient of Bhel Puri add chickpeas to it(high in protein) and you a have perfect health snack ready for you. Make the combination at home so you avoid the added salt and oil in the same. Befriend Fruits and vegetables to get the best from your food.

Fruit Salad

  1. Fruits

11 am and 5 pm are the best times for me on a working the day when I can accommodate Fruits. Both the slots are mid-way between meals and I need to eat something to keep my metabolic rate high. Stick to seasonal fruits to get the best benefits of the fruit and save on your pocket.



  1. Sprouts

Sprouts or what is popularly known as “Ankurit Daal”. Nothing less than a wonder food sprouts have the highest nutritional value than any other seeding. Packed with vitamin E, Potassium, Iron it provides with appropriate nutritional value and cooking options for a perfect work snack.

  1. Corn

If you talk about Myths regarding corn the list is endless. However, Corn is a filling snacks which contains calories equivalent to a banana, but makes you feel full for long. If you are buying out make sure to check the butter and added salt portion to keep the food healthy.


Health tip for just chewing ones:-

Carry a small jar of fennel seeds (saunf) with you, or keep it in your office drawer. Apart from being loaded with plenty of healthy nutrients, it also freshens your breath and improves digestion

                                                            Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

                                                                       Happy Karma!!!

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