How to Avoid Silent Desk Job Killers


Stress, Long driving hours, nine to six desk job, sedentary lifestyle; your modern hefty paying job is killing you daily. While it surely buys a good health insurance, it also makes you a strong candidate of its claim.

It’s not only Monday morning meetings, quarter sales numbers, late night drinking, stress-eaten pizzas or sneezing co-workers that are doing you in. Sitting all day might be shaving years of your life. From a 10-minute late entry to work, to a half day comment while leaving at 6.30; typical office dangers can have serious effect on your mental and physical well-being. If your job requires you to stay glued to a chair for long, it’s imperative for you to bring changes to your routine. Else you would be contributing to the lengthy list of physical ailments a desk job brings along.

While you might be feeling the urge to send that mail and be a monk in Himalayas; but life is not that big a fairy tale. Try these 5 tweaks to stay a little healthy while you work at a desk job.

  1. Technology

While technology might be the biggest catalyst when it comes to our growing gut, a little bit of wisdom can help reap substantial benefits of the advancement. Wearable technology is a great tool to act as a tracker, as well as set reminders for our activity goals. It can also be our customized notifications alarm clock, that remind us of our achievements. While filling a water bottle from pantry cooler might not sound heroic, but it acts as a great breather when we are sitting for long times.

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  1. Stairs

Surely climbing sky scrapers is not a good idea in the name of activity; but climbing a few stories to meet colleagues, or for a lunch break is a great idea to maintain cardio vascular health. Stairs are the least populated area these days, where human presence can only to be see during fire drills.

  1. Coffee and Walk

It sounds perfectly easy to dial an extension and ask office assistance to get coffee. But those 5 cups can be a great break from the chair if we walk up to the coffee machine.  The reason coffee and water machines are kept at a distance is to let people socialize and relax, while they clean their minds. The brain muscles perform when they are exercised and not when they have been watching a screen for 8 hours.

  1. Active and Social Lunch

There is absolutely no reason to dine al-desko. It is imperative for professionals to take a decent lunch break and relax to break the mundane . Your to-do list might be as long as your arm but trying to work your way through it over lunch may be counterproductive.  Follow up your lunch breaks with a 10 minute walk. Not only will this help rejuvenate your mood, but will also help digest the food. Got  time on your hand, take a walk to the nearest java joint and grab a cup of Mocha.

al desko

  1. Fidgeting


While it may sound shocking, carpel tunnel syndrome is primarily caused by excessive keyboard and mouse use. Fidgeting while working at your desk with a spinner, pen, stress ball and other stuff can help to prevent arterial dysfunction. It may not be a substitute of exercise, but it can surely be of help in breaking the monotony.


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