How to Balance Work and Life Stress to Improve Your Mental Health


Some claim that working as hard as possible is key to your life. Until you realize you have no time for your life outside your work. Your work stresses you out. The fact you can’t do anything in your personal life stresses you out. This is not healthy or normal. It can take a terrible toll on your mental health and it can end up driving you to the breaking point. Here’s how you can balance work and life.

Learn to Say No Sometimes

learn to say no

Many people have worked themselves like a dog because they just don’t when to say no. If a co

mpany calls in on your day off and asks that you come in, you may feel like you’re obligated to do so. This can end up wit you falling down a slippery slope, with you being a yes man who is taken advantage of.

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t always say no to extra work, but have a boundary set up. If you’re supposed to have the day off, you’re supposed to have the day off, and no begging from your employer should change that.

Make Sure Your Job Truly Cares

There are two kinds of companies. There are some who legitimately care about their employees. They will give them time off, pay them well, make sure their mental spirits are up, and give them reasonable hours and days off. Then, there are the companies who will work you like a dog and threaten to fire you if you even take a second off.

We know finding a job is difficult, but have standards if you’re able to. Don’t go with a company that is ready to work you like a slave.

Spend More Time on Your Hobbies


When you are having a hard time with your life, one way you can improve it is to find a hobby outside of work. You don’t understand how therapeutic it is to find a hobby you enjoy, and then have some fun with it outside your work. Think about something you’re interested in, are passionate about, or just are curious about. Then, give it a try.

Know That Some Stress Isn’t Bad

Stress is a natural way for your body to respond to a problem. The problem comes when there is too much stress keeping you down. The goal is to find out what is stressing you and try to eliminate it. Perform the hardest task at work first. Clean your room. Do whatever it takes to balance out your stress levels.

Make a List of What You Want to Accomplish

When you work hard, you have few hours in a day. The goal is to make a schedule and try to figure out how you are going to accomplish everything you need. Prioritize. Make a list of tasks you want to do

and plan out the days you have to do them. You may be surprised at how much time you do have to work on all your tasks. Sit down and write a schedule, and see how that goes for you.


Seek Help!

If your job is overwhelming you and you just can’t seem to find the work/life balance, try speaking to a counselor. If your schedule is packed, you can use online services to talk to them on the go. A counselor can help create a plan for you to get out of your dead-end job and find a better career for your life. Talk to a counselor today and see how they can help.

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