How to Get your Ideal Leg Definition


Nothing Beats a Great Pair of Legs

Lean Legs and Glute muscles are a desirable trait and can be reached effectively provided we workout as per our body type and requirement.  Female body generally tends to store fat in thighs and hips, whereas a male body predominantly deposits the same in the abdominal area.It is imperative to understand what body type you are before you pen down a workout program  and what nutritional need you have for the same.

Body Types:-

  1. Ectomorph
  2. Mesomorph
  3. Endomorph

Please do not unnecessarily rate yourself in the rapid gain category when the reality is completely different from it.

Ectomorph: – Thin, Slim, Low-Body Fat, Skinny, Models our industry admires. These are the ones who eat guilt free and yet stay lean. ( I wish I could be an ectomorph for a week) . Popular personalities are Bruce Lee, Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz and many more.

Mesomorph:- Middle Ones like always following the Buddhist policy of NO extremism. They gain and lose weight at will, Respond quickly to exercises and have a good muscle definition, the Athletic appearance would be the best description for this category. Popular celebrities Halle Berry and Madonna; still not clear watch the pictures again.

Endomorph:- These are the large ones, Solid Frames, they gain muscle and weight easily, weight loss is a problem here, high body fat percentage. Popular celebrities are Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, and BRUCE BANNER(HULK) probably.

Body Types
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Understanding the body type is critical for you to understand before you start outlining a goal. An Endomorph can never be logically an Ectomorph, so the aim should also be synced with this thought. Example sake Vin Diesel is a different body type from Bruce Lee and both fit perfectly in their den .  A vision of their transformation into the other category would be like transforming the Sahara Desert into Arctic.

Pivotal Role of CARDIO

Squats, Lunges, Jump Squats Fall are designed to sculpt and tighten your legs rather than weight loss. Regular Squats might lead to bulky thighs, where as what you wanted was a leaner look. Cardio is the ultimate weapon in your armoury if LEAN LEGS is what you desire

Little Tech byte, forgive me for this:-

Energy production can be in 2 ways.

Anaerobically (w/o Oxygen): Involves High-intensity training consisting of weight and interval training.  If the intensity is high where will the oxygen have time to come rapidly? Amazing to burn calories, the body burns calories post workout also. The primary source of energy in this workout is Glycogen (carbs). It helps in increasing bodies overall metabolism.

Aerobically (with Oxygen): Moderate intensity workout with a little push over the comfort zone. The primary source of energy is Fat, carbs, and protein. When the workout is long and at a moderate pace body primarily fuels itself with energy from fat. 45 minutes of brisk walk or 30 minutes of a jog is a good bet for this.

Though HIIT burns a larger amount of calories in the body, it does not necessarily burn fat from the body. Add to it individuals often tend to build muscle from Resistance and interval training. So we might be looking at bulkier thighs with this rather than a slim and lean one which females out their die for. To burn Fat aerobically you have to stay put for a longer duration so as to move the body from carbohydrate burning zone to Fat Burning zone.

HIIT increases your bodies overall performance and metabolism which helps stay sustained in the aerobic zone (fat burning zone) for a longer period of time. Staying in the aerobic zone will help you burn FAT which is your primary goal while working out for leaner thighs.addtext_com_MTMzOTQwMTI1NTEy


Cardio: Low to moderate cardio workout majorly with a day of High-intensity training for overall body performance will be a good program for you. Fat burning is best done in a fasted state early morning as your body is low on carb stores as you were sleeping for past hours. If you are not a morning person accommodate cardio workout after your weight/resistance or functional training.

Resistance training: Low-intensity resistance has its own role towards muscle definition within the body. Resistance training increases metabolic rate thus leading to more calories burned within the body at an overall level. Muscle Toning and definition will come from Resistance training majorly. Accommodate it but keeping in mind a vision of your goal with it. So if lean is all that you have in mind, I do not think squats and lunges in excess are a good bet for you. Stick with body weight.

HIIT: It has its own speed for Fat Loss, which is the top notch. Goal is for a leaner leg it is critical to keep this workout skewed towards larger moderate movements and smaller high-intensity patch movements.

Diet: Of course this can’t be neglected. Low carbohydrates/High carbs it all depends on your body type; nutrition as always plays a majority role in your goal achievement.


Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

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