Indian Gooseberry: The Power House


Indian gooseberry commonly known as “Amla” across the Indian subcontinent is a tree that grows primarily in the Asian subcontinent, Middle East and some Southeast Asian countries. Packed with high value of vitamin C; the fruit has an endless list when it comes to health benefits. Amla is taken by mouth and deserves the stature of miraculous as defined in ancient Ayurveda.  Direct from the granny recipe Amla helps in food absorption, balancing stomach acid, enhancing fertility, body coolant, toxin flush and many more. In terms of taste the fruit tastes sour and will surely give you a hard time gulping it raw; trust me the pain is worth it.

Benefits of Amla:-

Cholesterol Control

The fruit is very popular for reducing cholesterol levels within the body. Amla works great on fatty acids called triglycerides without affecting good cholesterol within the body.

Vitamin C

Packed with massive content of natural Vitamin C; Indian gooseberry is a great substitute for vitamin C pills. Like any other organic food the fruit is easily digested within the body harmfree.

Calcium Absorption

The pointer falls a little lower in terms of overall benifits; however for a fitness freak the point will top the chart. For a fit individual its a must to have a strong set of bones. While It might not provide you with calcium for body; amla is a great source for calcium absorption within the body.  Calcium absorption helps strengthening teeths, muscles and nails.


Long sitting hours in corporate life often leads to situation for individuals to wear eyeglasses. Amla is a great source for improving eye problem conditions like cataract, nearsightedness, watery and red eyes.

Weight Loss

Amla is known to reduce cholesterol levels thus obesity in the body. Gooseberry increases the protein levels within the body, in turn reducing the unwanted fat within the body.


Acid Balance

Regular consumption of Amla is great for constipation and gastric patients. Amla with Honey or Ghee is great for gastric problems as it helps maintain acid balance within the abdomen.

You would get tired reading but the list of benefits will continue. For best results consume raw fresh from the market; however the same can be consumed in dried form or as a juice.


Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

Happy Karma!!!

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