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This article goes out for a specific type of problem recently shared by our reader Mr. Shauik Mukherjee. Shauvik has a lean structure overall but a stubborn belly fat; given the overall lean structure the bulge is clearly evident and shines like a crown. Common wisdom prevailing in the society, if you are overweight you are unhealthy, if you are lean you are healthy; however be rest assured it’s a myth. Belly fat acts like one of those bad guys who sticks around with you for long and takes a daunting effort to move away. While it might look like a simple bulge; but skinny fat or normal weight obesity often terms out to the cause of major health problems in the longer run.

Healthy-Sweaty ways to loosing belly fat.

You cannot simply pen down the cause of the bulge; it might be due to an inactive body, bad eating habits, improper workout routine or possibly a medical complication. Let’s get the ball rolling and kick that muffin top that’s lying in your mid section out of your body.

Build Muscles:-

If you are lean and want to hide your belly its best to pile on some muscles. Hit those weights as best as you can at least 4-5 days a week. Weight training shoots up the metabolic rate over a long period of time helping you to build muscles. (Pumped metabolism will help you burn fat even post your workout). The key to muscle building is progression; make sure to keep on increasing the strength and resistance as you set into the routine. By no means should the weights go down the scale.

Cardio Workout:-

While many veterans might advocate a no cardio workout with a lean body structure, ask me I pray for those cardio days. The sweaty look gives a good run for money to those Dri fit uppers. It’s a grave misconception to work out without cardio schedules in it; when I say cardio your sweat should speak for it. Endurance, blood circulation, improved hormonal profile, improved recovery ability and many more; these all lie served in the platter of cardio. The best you can do is to indulge in a high intensity sport once a week at least, if not try scheduling two High intensity 20 minute routines every week. Fat is stored all across your body you cannot expect it to go away from one part without a liposuction.

Dietary changes:-

Your goal is half achieved if you follow this point correctly. It’s time to transform diet; Diet doesn’t mean going on a crash it’s all about eating clean and healthy. If you have reached a point where that bulge is poking in your daily life; you can surely make these miniature lifestyle changes to achieve that GOAL you dream of. It’s a farewell from this moment to unhealthy fats, sweets, Alcoholic mixers, persevered juices, potato chips and all those things you know deep down are your enemies. Healthy lifestyle changes like Green Tea, Apple cider Vinegar, Plenty of water and many more are good choices you can opt for. Without this you are probably looking for straw in the wind.


Piling on muscles and you don’t push in more proteins you are not reaching anywhere. If there is something of paramount importance when it comes to dietary changes for piling muscles it is Protein intake. When working out and creating a calorie deficit your muscles crave for energy; feed them with some healthy proteins. 1 gram protein per pound body weight is the ideal proportion to be consumed. Healthy options like egg whites, broccoli, Beans, boiled chicken are few good choices.

Rest, De-stress, Recover, Repeat

Does that really need a discussion?


The market is flooded with abdominal workout and you don’t need a specific plan at a starting stage. Train them for adaptability with light exercises at the start, getting the postures correct to avoid any back pain. Once you have set the stage its time to make that fat cry. While doing abs make sure you train them hard, limbering around in abs workout and not pushing the limits will keep on delaying the victory.

Mental Workout:-

Scales might be a way to measure but don’t walk the trail of scale measurements. If you have improved you will know it, those old trousers will fit in, smiles will sparkle all around, and your performance irrespective of the clock hour will increase. Walk upright; don’t let those shoulders slouch, Sit with a straight back and walk that confident trail.

                                                                       Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

                                                                                  Happy Karma!!!

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