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I take this moment to share my lifestyle with you before I share a thought on it. Aging late-20’s I have lifestyle where I drive 3.5 hrs daily (why? I have a marketing profile), Work 40 hours a week (I got to earn my salary too), have a love for field hockey.  Like all I have a taxing job, I fight Delhi-Gurgaon bound traffic daily, my love for sports and fun never dies, I have social gatherings, I got bosses to please and clients to disappoint. In this vicious circle that has got many of us trapped how do we maintain a healthy lifestyle. That’s me Nine to Six. yet aiming to be fit.

Your Medical allowances go up frequently, you are thoughtful of a medical insurance, frequency of your visit to a doctor has gone up, you know with your current lifestyle you are destined to fall ill; if not today then tomorrow.

I have often asked my colleagues why is it so hard for them to stay fit. Most of them understood the criticality of the situation in hand and often knew how to achieve it- but knowing and doing are different things.

I have a schedule which just doesn’t give me time to accommodate Fitness in the regime.

I do have a thought of staying fit, but I just don’t have the willpower at the end of a taxing day to either cook, workout or get involved in such stuff.

In this article I will tell you how to stay in shape while working long hours for people who are extremely busy and stressed out.

  1. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep…

If you have been routinely sacrificing your sleep just to be a little more efficient and productive at work, your myopic vision will be self-destructive for you. Under sleeping leads to feeling of fatigue, unhappiness, pluming sex drive and the hormonal balance causes the body to start FAT and breaking down muscle.

Done be that person who falls into a cycle of deprived sleep. While those few extra hours might help you short term in your work at hand but in long term will decrease your productivity at an overall level.

  1. Keep Moving

If there was a to do fitness list, exercising by all means will top the chart. However, fitness at late 30’s never means taking up bodybuilding or becoming a UFC Boxer. Sports surely bring a lot of happiness and pleasures and if you have been actively involved in some form may it be Hockey, Cricket, Football, Golf or something else; nothing can beat that. However, if you have never participated in sports in your youth or feel lack of confidence in joining one don’t be discouraged. You are Gunning to stay Fit not to win an Olympic medal. Get involved in things that make you happy, as time flows like a river so should you. Go Jog, Run, Hike, Try Dance to groove, try aerobic or aquatic classes or anything that gets you moving. These activities can also be pursued in a group along with your family and friends who also want to increase their fitness levels.

  1. Supplements

Living in a city environment, working 40 hours a week; YOU NEED IT!!!

If you spend majority of daylight time sitting in your cubicle from where you expect to consume vitamin D. This is a sample case of lifestyle related problems which occur to individual living in the cities. Even if you make a conscientious effort to choose food from each food group so that you are eating a balanced diet you still end up lacking a particular nutrient that your body requires.

Vitamin and nutrients are called as micro-nutrients because your body needs microscopic amount of it. As small as these amounts are they are critical for life and health; the micro might become macro in a certain lifestyle or a phase of life. Think of vitamin and nutrients as an army that will fight off age related battles for you. And the best way to build that army is to eat right. However, after a certain point of time rule of the game changes and that is the time supplementation comes in.

Here are few of the key nutrients you need to look out for and the best place to get it.

Vitamin B12:

Essential for Blood and brain functions

Foods: Meat, eggs, Fish, chicken dairy

Aim: 2.4 mg per day

Excess: Drains out when we pee


Essential for Bone health and prevention of fractures

Foods: Dairy and its substitutes, Fish, Tofu, Broccoli, Almonds, Spinach

Vitamin D

Essential for calcium absorption in Body, prevention of Diabetics, cancer, heart diseases

Main Source: Sunlight, dairy, grains, cereals

Aim: 600UI per day


Essential for regulating blood pressure

Helps prevent heart diseases, diabetics, Inflammation

Foods: Green leafy vegetables, beans, soy, nuts, seeds, avocados


Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

Happy Karma!!!

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