Stay Healthy at Work


It’s no surprise people working in a corporate taxed environment are becoming the centre of gravity for all health related issues. Asking WHY? Over here would be the completely naïve. We get up grab the corner couch open the paper while sipping coffee, Drive our way to work in our relaxed wheelers, Hug over chair […]

Matrimony with Sweat


                                                                 I will do it tomorrow. Smelling like Rot, Stinking Clothes, Spoiling beloved sleep; is it actually worth it? There must be something that […]

Fitness Hack Tricks for the Busy Ones


Well, i don't have a direct 📱wth Bill Gates/Tim Cook, but will venture to say there are things left undone when they leave work.Nevertheless, they make time to🏃‍♂️#exercise , so can we. Prioritize your #Health & Understand what matters — commoncelebrity (@manav011) March 9, 2019 Hack tricks to stay on top of your Fitness Game […]

Ideal Corporate Lifestyle for Weight Loss


While the fitness industry might orchestrate weight loss is directly proportional to hours spend working out, but the reality is weight loss is all about miniature changes piling up to the thought of health as a lifestyle. Weight loss is much more than marathon runs, visionary foods or deprivation diets. Researchers worldwide have proven weight […]

Summer Weight loss Tips


Its summers; those extra pounds you had been hiding behind your chunky sweaters can’t hide anymore. Simple tips for you to live the season of vacation, exotic trips, and margaritas the fit and beautiful way. There is no point walking into a Fad diet that promises weight loss but bores you. The novelty of things […]

Understanding Body Fat Percentage


Measuring tapes and Fat percentages are considered one of the most user friendly methods to measure Fitness Levels. Clients often come wondering to me saying I have lost inches in my naval but I still don’t feel fit; or another common saying is I want to lose weight despite the reality being you are minimal […]

Get that Tequila out of Sunrise


LIFE IS BETTER WHEN YOU DRUNK, so why should we not enjoy it. We slog ourselves the entire week, may it be personnel, professional, financial or stock markets; mental tension has fixed its spot in our mind. In this complicated world we all are worried about something or the other; while some crib about their […]

Diet chart glitters are not Gold


Pulling up weights at gym yesterday brought something in my mind which was amazing and depressing. The fact was I could not do weighted squats with 100 kilos of weight and frankly there was a time when 100 kilos was like rub of fingers. Today it’s about the thought of fitness and health; are you […]

Carbohydrates: Nutrition and Health Essential


This Article is a special dedication to people who live under the myth that leaving carbohydrates is the easiest and fastest way to lose weight. The concept does stand on its word; however the long term repercussions and overall body loss is way beyond the weight loss paradigm. As usual the article I am sharing […]