Local Foods are real Superfoods

Local Foods

India has been characterized by its diverse nature; the union of cultures, traditions, religion and cuisine is the true flavor of the nation. Regional climate, Local cultivation and food patterns vary like our varying cultures. The food in every region across the nation is influenced by its local history and weather conditions, such that, every place has a unique character of itself. Today, however manufacturing plant based foods seem to have more power. Industrial revolution along with diversity has brought nutritional deficiency to our plates. From plant based foods we have  shifted towards microwaveable, pre-packed and frozen food habits. Part of the success in selling fads can be credited to successful and strong marketing efforts from the growing Fitness industry and secondly to our thought behind instant gratification of efforts.

The superfood Story: –

I am based out of India and “AVOCADO” is a trending item in local Health and Fitness articles as a super food for weight-loss. Avocado prices in India range from INR 350-450 per Kilogram (Currency conversion advised). If you were to consume 1 daily in salad, your monthly avocado expense would total to 5000-6000 INR (If the math is right here). Go back to Mexico and consume the same you would not even be paying no more than INR 60-70 for this. The modern-day food change has brought convenience, but the price tag is too high, both for health and health ecosystem.

Superfoods in reality are whole foods that supply abundance of nourishing nutrients, minerals, vitamins, fats, omega and all that the body needs. True Superfoods in reality are nothing but a locally grown seasonal vegetables or fruits. It will be wrong to judge and generalize superfoods under a single umbrella. A particular food that does wonders in one climatic condition is surely not an equally worthy bet in other regions. One popular food I always mention “GOOSEBERRY” or known as “AMLA” is a winter season food and a great source of Vitamin C. But the fruit somehow hasn’t found its true recognition in the Indian market.

Each season is represented by a certain sort of energy. Though modern technology has bridged the gap between nations and we now get foods from across the globe, but you can’t deny the fact of refrigeration and chemical preservation. You don’t need to google much for finding seasonal food, have a look around what’s being sold by local street vendors, they are not importing foods from across borders.

Try sticking to a local produce in upcoming summers. It assures that your food comes from farm not FedEx.

Superfoods for Indian Summers: –

  1. Curd
  2. Watermelon
  3. Kokum (dehydration Super Food)
  4. Cucumber
  5. Mango
  6. Onion
  7. Melons

Ancestral eating: –

“I am going to eat raw vegetables like my grandfather along with hummus.”, that was my nephew yesterday and that surely wasn’t my grandfather ever.

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Ancestral eating is about eating what they would have reasonable access to. It’s about avoiding the freezer counter in the supermarket. Ancestral eating is not black and white, it’s not like all healthy and nothing crap, it’s about finding the right set of foods that suit my body. It’s not about leaving the bad, it’s about eating the right. The core is to eat how they were eaten traditionally not post evolution of organic, GMO, syrup based.

Some followers of ancestral diets do well on dairy while others just can’t bear it. This by no means signifies dairy as bad for body. It’s based on our traditions and cultures and we should focus on the native behaviors. Classic example is the passion for Rice in southern part of India, while northern India just doesn’t relish it that much. Try finding out a right balance for you, not something that worked for someone else.

Before rushing to buy the next superfood which has probably crossed Indian ocean to reach you, try a local produce. Focus on simple food that is closest to nature. Eating is not as complicated as we have made it.

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Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

Happy Karma!!!

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