Lose Weight Without Spending a Dime


Huge groceries list and weight loss supplement—are always preferred to achieve a desired weight loss result.

With the need to lose weight, the burden on budget increases. If you think that losing weight will cost you a fortune, then you should try strategies that won’t cost any dime.

You don’t need a huge budget to lose weight. Or spend your half paycheck on weight loss products. A financial decision to spend a part of income on weight loss is tough. Yet, many make those tough call to achieve the body of their dream.

Designing a healthy, nutrient-dense and delicious diet can work within any budget. While many of the effective weight loss strategies are free.

The forthcoming strategies won’t cost you a dime but need your time. If you are ready to spend time on these strategies, you will become lean and healthy with the least budget and effort.


1. Sleep

Lack of sleep can leave your weight loss hormones out of balance. It disturbs hormones, those controlling weight loss.

When you don’t get enough sleep—body release more ghrelin hormone, which stimulates appetite and releases less leptin, which suppresses appetite.

These hormonal changes could drive you to your favorite fast food center, and increase your desire to devour fat and sugar-rich food.

Sleep deprivation can lead to weight gain. No products or routine will work when you don’t get enough sleep.

You need 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, every night to feel refreshed, and optimally burn fat. Catch some z’s, if you want to lose weight, stay healthy or eat right.

A great night sleep won’t cost a dime and yet it will be an effortless and enjoyable task.


Few pre-sleep rituals that can be adopted to improve sleep quality:

  1. Cut caffeine intake after the evening
  2. Don’t use electronics gadget before going to bed
  3. Practice deep breathing or meditation, to allow body and mind to unwind
  4. Don’t drink water right before bed

2. De-stress

Even if you eat well and exercise, chronic stress can push you off-track. It not only prevents you from losing weight, it even adds more pounds. If you’re struggling with weight loss—stress can be one culprit.

During tension-filled times, the stress hormone cortisol rises. Stress can lessen your appetite at first, but chronic stress actually boosts hunger.  Most of us overeat when we are fell lots of pressure. These eating patterns can turn into a habit.

Increased level of stress hormone increases insulin level, thus blood sugar drops and you crave for sugary, and fatty foods.     

More stress = more cortisol = high insulin release = blood sugar level drops = higher appetite for junk food = more belly fat

Unwinding won’t cost a dime but it will make life peaceful.Modern lifestyle and urge to lose weight are responsible for heightened stress level.


Strategies to unwind:

  1. Go for a walk
  2. Yoga or meditation
  3. Deep breathing whenever you need
  4. Take a shower
  5. Listen to your favorite relaxing music

3. Water

Who needs an appetite suppressing supplement when water can be a great appetite suppressor?

Water is the most effective weight loss tool. Drinking enough water can suppress appetite and prevent overeating, or over-snacking throughout the day.

It’s not recommended to replace water over food, but drinking a sip of water 30 minutes before a meal can prevent overeating. Eating water-rich can also help to fill you up quickly.

Drinking water can improve metabolism which is good for better energy and health. Plain water and lemon drink are the perfect replacement for sugar loaded drinks.

Many of time, thirst mask as a hunger. Hunger pangs at an unusual time can also a sign of thirst. Before eating, take a sip of water to check whether it’s thirst or hunger.


4. Short Intense Exercise

With every fitness plan— the cost of the gym, accessories and personal trainer fee adds up. These additions can add lots of budgets.

When you can get a better result with a shot burst of HIIT, why spend the extra buck on a gym membership and personal trainer.

HIIT consist of repeated exercise at high intensity for 30 seconds with 30-40 seconds rest for recovery. It’s proven to be the best exercise routine to burn fat

The perfect place to train: home, stairway or playground.As you don’t need any equipment you are set to do a short burst of the interval without any barrier.


5. Don’t Pay for Easy Options

Not a, no dime tip, yet worth mentioning. It’s worth, as people lose huge amount while trying easy options.

Easy alternative cost both health and budget. Major products designed to simplify your weight loss process cost a huge buck. If you choose those products, you will surely lose your saving while the result isn’t assured.

A lasting weight loss is achieved with a healthier lifestyle. If you ferociously spend on easy options—you won’t make the necessary lifestyle changes. The changes that matter for weight loss and weight maintenance.

Healthy food isn’t costly—but a weight loss products can be. You won’t need that quick weight loss food when you spend small part on healthier food.

Before spending a huge budget on anything, try the strategies mentioned above. A better sleep and unwind from stress should be your major priority, following other.

Spend a week on making small changes and notice the difference. You will find out a great result by adopting the mentioned strategies.

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