Low-Calorie Sweets for Festive Season


[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ith Navratri almost over and Diwali around the corner, the country is gripped in the festive mood. Every corner of the nation is set to dance in its own tune; while the north prepares to grip in the Halwa Poori Mood, the west is all set to dance to the tunes of Garba and the east is blessed with the visit of goddess Durga. Just like houses across the nation are lit up like a sight to behold, so are the multicolored sweets across the household tables. Holidays mean a temporary break from the Diet plans, because you just can’t enjoy Indian holidays without drooling in the taste of sweets. If you are a sweet lover, here are your best Low-Calorie Sweets options for this festive season.

[pullquote-left]Food and Beverages labelled as Sugar-Free are often loaded with artificial sweeteners and chemicals.[/pullquote-left] The taste comes along with its own sweet price, bite into an Indian sweet and you are spiked on the blood sugar levels.  For Fitness lovers it’s a time where the count of sweet sins becomes larger than the rep count. Marketers might brand a zero calorie or low-calorie alternative, but a sugar without sweet is like Diwali without lights. If you are looking for low-calorie food alternatives, here is a list for you. Go ahead, Indulge. These low-calorie treats help you treat without worrying about excessing it.

  1. Gulab Jamuns Vs. Rasgulla

    Gulab Jamun

There is nothing more heavenly in the world like a Gulab Jamun, but if you were to look deep into it its fried and then dipped in sugar syrup. While on the other hand a Rasgullas are non-fried alternative of Gulab Juman which tastes similar. So, give this festive season Gulab Jamun a Rest and drool in Rasgullas. (If you ever find a way to make Gulab Jamun healthy do share it)

  1. Shrikhand/Kheer

50 grams of shrikhand sets you back by 150 calories, but majority of the calorie content in the food comes from carbohydrates and is great to keep you energized for the day. Made from Hung Curd, Milk, Nuts and Seeds; the desert is top of the world and a decent enough health sin. If you were to compare it with a Jalebi, a piece of it has 150 calories.

  1. Gaajar/Pineapple Halwa

The fruit flavored sweet dish consists of grated fruits along with milk, nuts and added sugar. The dish gathers majority of the calories from the fruit itself while limiting the portion of added sugar. The popular winter desert is easily available in sugar free alternatives in the open market.

  1. Date’s and Nuts’s Barfi

Healthy, loaded with iron and Protein and with almost minimal to No Sugar this is a go to bet for the sedentary lifestyle millennials. Adding to the list is another new alternative Anjeer Barfi. While nothing can match the taste of a Kaju Burfi, but you got to give up something to achieve something.

My favorite:

Walut ladoo: Health Super indian food which has probably lost its charm due to its bitter taste or color, or the effort it takes to pop out the nut; the food is an absolute wonder from healthy point of view.  The nut is great for cardiovascular diseases, bone health and has positive impact on individuals with diabetes’s.

If you were to pen down a list of not to eat or unhealthy Indian sweets, trust me you have a mammoth task in hand. If you really must indulge, go ahead and do so. But watch your portions, the calories can really add up!

While the list might be low in calories and fat, it is important to remember that if eaten in a large quantity, they can disrupt your diet plan so stick to a small serving and you will be on track.

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