Making Carbohydrates work for you


You don’t gain Weight by specific category of food, you gain it by Over consumption.

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]avvy nutritionist and fitness enthusiasts have raged a war on hotly debated topic “Carbs are Bad” . The discussions has left people confused about carbohydrates and their benefit for health.

The first advice you hear from anyone who talks Fitness or weight-loss is a cut down on carbohydrates. Unfortunately weather due to misinterpretation or low-level of understanding “low-carb” seems to have become primary mantra for weight management, which is wrong . While depriving yourself of carbohydrates surely sees the scales going down; the overall results are not your actual desire. Deprivation is possible for a shorter period of time, however in the long run it messes with your body. Let’s deep dive step by step into the world of carbohydrates in a layman way.

Carbohydrates like any other form of food are a source of energy. When consumed carbohydrates break down into Glucose (Sugar), which is used to fuel energy to different body cells and muscles. Carbohydrates is one of the three main sources of energy within the human body along with Fat and protein. Generally every food item contains somewhat of all the 3 fuels.

Carbohydrates are further classified into 3 categories: Sugar, Starch and Fiber. Let’s explore each one of them one by one.

  • Sugar:

    The word needs no recognition to anyone; what is needed is a little of clarification. Sugar either comes naturally within the food like Honey, Fruits, Fruit Juice, Milk and Vegetables; while the other category is the add-on one found in Chocolates, Aerated Beverages, Cookies, sweets and many more. Added sugar is a complete no in all the cases. Simple sugars (simple carbohydrates) due to easy digestion cause a spike in blood sugar levels followed by a sudden crash. You are likely to feel hungrier soon and thus eating more. So if you are on a weight loss plan make sure to check the foods you eat are with no added sugar and the natural sugar in the pack should also be low.

  • Starch:

    Starch foods are a good source of energy and contains a plethora of vital nutrients needed in the body. Starchy foods contain fibre which helps smooth functioning of the bowel movement and helps us stay full; full we eat less. The focus should be on whole grain foods rather than refined ones, we will look at the entire food category down the page.

  • Fibre:

     Found plenty on foods originating from plants. Fibre helps body in healthy bowel movement and helps control cholesterol level.

This was all knowledge about carbohydrates, let’s look at what happens to body when you don’t consume carbohydrates.

Human Body needs energy to function for all the daily activities. When an individual goes on a low carbohydrate, high protein diet; body burns fat as the primary source of energy to fuel its daily needs instead of carbohydrates. Looks simple, but there is a reason our ancestors ate carbohydrates which we cannot defy. (Read more about Ketosis)

Let’s look at the energy consumption process.

  • Body stores carbohydrates in your liver and muscles, in the form of glycogen which is used to fuel daily activities. Trust your muscles they are a safe bank and can easily store ample calories depending on your size.
  • If you are living a sedentary lifestyle you really don’t need many calories so cutting down on food is not a problem. If the amount of calories needed is pretty low as you hardly move in the day you can live with a low carbohydrate diet.
  • When you become active. The moment you push in rigorous activity in your schedule, the body consumes the carbohydrate reservoirs deposited in the muscles and liver. The sudden weight loss when you start working out and accompany it with a diet cut is due to this. Glycogen carries up to four times its weight in water; so you have lost stores of carbohydrates and water both the things. This is what will lead to your sudden weight loss.
  • The carb stores are gone and now the energy will come from FAT. FATS can produce thousands of calories required by the body to fuel energy, but the problem is it burns far more slowly than carbohydrates.
  • No Carbohydrate Stores, less energy bid a farewell to intensity training or anything for that matter of fact that pushes you to the limit. Your Muscles have less energy, they are suffering from fatigue, they are dependent on their stores, decreased metabolism; forget you will build lean mass.
  • So, Low carbohydrate diet if not regulated is in vain for all athletes. That is the reason post strenuous workout with in a 2 hour period it is imperative to consume carbs. Muscles need energy and this is the place they are going to get it from.

Other health issues commonly evident with high protein diet is Uric Acid Problem, Kidney dysfunction and high cholesterol.

Weight loss that lasts is based on changes you can adapt too, and not the ones that blow away with time.

                                                                    Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

                                                                                Happy Karma!!!

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