Managing Weekend Overeating


It starts with Because its Friday, and then becomes Because Its Saturday, and then because Its Sunday.

We fight our heart out on weekdays to lose a kilo, only to instantly pile it back with weekend overeating. A nine to Six desk job, long driving hours, a workplace full of stress and anxiety; that’s me. And probably majority of the millennial population gunning for targets every quarter.

Bro, Its Friday!!!, every weekend of mien starts at the nearest bar or cafe sipping (gulping ) down fresh brew. Following it up with mouth-watering Butter chicken along with garlic Naan on the side. Friday nights getting to eat and booze what I like is literally the highlight of the week for me. No denying the job I work for is stressful and I am handcuffed for 5 days, but connecting with my best meals, booze, and friends was my way on unwinding.

Do you relate being the same? High Five!!!

Saturday morning Breakfast, it must be a delight. Why should it not be, I barely eat breakfast 5 days?. From Because its Friday, we went to because its Saturday. Saturday nights are outing nights, may it be a visit to a pub with friends, movie, or a riding night, it’s a day to socialize. Sunday’s are to relax, a day close to family and a well spent time at home. My Mom Cooks amazing i can’t miss it.  From Because its Friday, to Because its Saturday we went to Because its Sunday.

My thought about the weekend was a time to lower the guard and be relaxed in my pajamas. A couple of days I would dedicate to life and doing what I desire and why won’t I, I barely eat anything beyond salad or boiled eggs or see beyond screens the entire week.

What I eat on weekends was literally not unhealthy or deep fried or completely insane. If I was to simply put it, it is a little off the radar on calories, a little off the radar on the portion, and a little off the radar on timing. A little off the radar but too often.

I you feel the same, Cheers!!!

Despite putting in best efforts the question that circled my mind round the year was Why wasn’t I losing weight. I ate clean still the bulge was visible. I would feel bloated and tensed all day looking at my oval shape. I started pushing in a little extra on weekday workouts, Stringent audits of weekday calories and upped the ante on fit band readings. The cycle continued and despite best efforts I couldn’t achieve a balance.

The true evil towards elusive work-life-fitness for corporate professionals is our love of living only for weekends.

Find balance in your weekday-weekend life 

  1. Don’t live only to eat on weekends

While weekdays are spent entirely in office in close proximity of others we tend to keep a stringent check on our diet. This starvation diet leads to a complete paradigm shift when we move ahead to weekends. Focus on creating diets that enrich you and make you feel happy, not the ones that test the monk mode out of you. It’s better to opt for a Grilled chicken on the weekend if your weekday had a Double cheese burst pizza in the meal. If the weekdays were all salads 3 times a day, the weekend would be like Pizza with grilled on the top and curry on the side.

  1. Create lifestyle not a diet

If your diet bars you from all what the modern-day fitness industry thinks of as a sin, you might end up sipping spinach on the rocks throughout your life. After few years a research will come up which citing gluten in ice, so you might end up eating like Popeye. You might have an app for it, or a website, or a macro table to measure the exact calorie count of your diet; but every effort takes a substantial amount of mental estate. Carrying stringent food rulebooks that are complicated often end up down the drain as your mental toughness exhausts. Eat quality food and eat when hungry, don’t eat by a clock or a rule book. If you can read this you know a SAMOSA is a bigger Sin as compared to a Grilled Sandwich.

  1. Stop Creating mental trade-offs

I will eat today and will run an extra hour tomorrow, or I will binge in office party tonight and will diet for the next 7 days. There is no policing that will happen if you binge an extra slice or an entire pizza tonight. Our eating decisions will come with consequences we know and are dealing with, if you are reading here you are suffering from one or the other food-related problem. Different choices will bring different outcomes, be ready to own it and not complain about it.

  1. Stop staying Idle

staying idle

Make sure to add some sort of Hobby or activity to your weekend routine. Staying busy on the weekends helps us keep the mind off food. Play a sport, engage in community service, read a book, plan a life beyond sleeping, binge eating and watching television.

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Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable!!!

Happy Karma!!!

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