Managing Work-Life Balance on the Go

work-life balance

If you are like most millennial workers, you are round the clock connected to work in some sort or the other. The odd mail pops up any hour of the day, and the business can be operated from any premise may it be a local coffee shop or a local bar. The flexibility which is welcomed on the onset suddenly beings to intervene in our personal space and its not long before the freedom landscape starts to abrade Work-Life Balance.

It is pivotal for us to define work-life balance or one should term it as borders- so that personal and professional spaces operate under a distinct boundary.  If you are like most information workers, the sanity of work-Life-Wellness is completely distorted. Here are some tips for managing Wellness along with work-life balance in this information space.

  1. Get some sunvitamin D

If there was an application of it, I am sure you would have downloaded it by now, but in factual internet can’t replace mother earth. The biggest modern-day health epidemic which is constantly deteriorating health of life in metro cities is lack of Vitamin D. Whether it’s a Morning Walk, walk to a midday meeting or a weekend sports gathering; make sure to get some sun under your belt. Vitamin D helps absorption of calcium within your body, so your bones need it to stay strong. From health point of you it can easily be termed as the top notch legal performance enhancer as compared to illegal burners, reducers or the ones that promise you to live like a child always.

  1. Crawl, Walk, Run than gear for glory

This is one common modern-day fad we have been fed repeatedly by food marketing companies. Go slow when you are starting a wellness regime, the all or nothing approach when the base is lacking can be taxing both personally and professionally. Create a mentality when it comes to workout and gun towards a balanced routine. Perfectionism at every instance can be paralyzing and might make us burn a lot more mentally and physically leading us drained while hitting into our next activity. Work towards garnering a balanced approach where the activity acts as a catalyst to our next activity.

  1. The Personal Master-Chef

 You don’t have to cook a fancy or complicated masterpiece, just good food from fresh ingredients-Julia Child. 

If you feel that healthy food is tasteless its time for you to spend some time in kitchen. Preparing healthy food which is filled with your preferred choices gives you an understanding what all the meals must look like. It even gives you a chance to make healthy snacking options as mid-day snacking is the biggest sin while coming to a healthy routine. As a person if you haven’t touched the pan since college Maggi days, don’t jump into a Tarla Dalal recipe tomorrow. Instead start with basic understanding of food, meal planning and then move on to further steps like cooking.

  1. Fitness Center is not a necessity

There are days when we can’t even make time to eat, weekends where we don’t even know when the sun came out; don’t SWEAT. The daily fitness center routine is advised as it gets you into a habit or rather a routine, however when the plan of visit just can work switch over to plan B and C. Take a walk to the grocery store, or a longer walk with your dog, or go out with kids to the park; the end motive is just to get the body moving come what may. You can also access thousands of YouTube channels and probably push in a workout along with your bio-break.

Finally, as technology continues to reduce time and distance, we continue to struggle demarcating boundaries between professional and personal life. We should get creative and prioritize exercise and a wellness routine to reduce stress levels and improve work-life balance, with balance being the pivot point. Remember that balancing work, life, and wellness is about finding a plan that supports your lifestyle and shouldn’t leave you feeling guilty or ashamed for missing the gym that day.

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