Matrimony with Sweat


                                                                 I will do it tomorrow.

Smelling like Rot, Stinking Clothes, Spoiling beloved sleep; is it actually worth it?

There must be something that many sacrifice all this and wake up even before the sun thinks it’s time to come out. Why people love fitness? How do they get addicted to it? What is in there that it becomes an integral part of their daily routine?

Consider this to be a transcript of a book crafted by many titled “BEFORE I LOOKED CAPTIVATING“.  No doubt looking better is the major thought when we jump into a workout routine, but there are many reasons beyond that. The mind is a creator of thought, and thoughts play a pivotal role in what we achieve in life.

Let me iterate what an Investor said to my colleague on his maiden Capital funding pitch” if you cannot manage yourself, how will you manage my money”.  The reason why this came out, he was heavy. Heavy is an understatement in his case but by no means, I intend to demean his personality; he is a class. Looking better undoubtedly is a perfect reason to workout, but there are many other things which can act as a strong motivator internally rather than externally in your life when you workout.

  1. Happiness

Scientific researches carried out by various renowned scientists have proven exercising and happiness is directly proportional to each other. Intensity exercises work similar way in the human body as a happiness giving drug (that doesn’t mean you try it). The science goes like this exercising increase the production of endorphins(Freaking Amazing Feel) and other feel-good chemicals and reduces the level of stress hormones cortisol.Untitled

  1. Capacity

A fit individual is stronger, happier, fitter and more managed in different outcomes of life as compared to a sedentary life individual.  Your capacity to perform everyday tasks increases when you indulge in situations that push you out of the comfort zone. An individual who has not gone beyond a certain point is least expected to perform in daily life. The time you move a gas cylinder or a table few centimeters and hold your back for the next 10 minutes is surely not a sight you will like to share with your kids when you grow. The thought is to create a neurological “habit loop” which feeds you thought of power and heightened capacity.

  1. Win over Life

Victory in one form of life stays in your subconscious mind and helps you win confronting other aspects of life. We might feed all blame game on genetics but there is one common thing that winners do differently from others. They reinforce the idea of dreams in their mind and tirelessly work towards achieving their goal. These small victories define the thought of life on a broader perspective. The feeling of victory when you take that chin over the crossbar while pull-up will make you feel nothing less than a fighter. The thought of motivation and victory becomes intrinsic and makes us feel we are good at anything.

  1. Your Personnel Space

From family matters to sexual pleasures a fit individual provides a sense of safety and satisfaction to their family and friends in different spheres of life. A balanced individual will be able to hold the matters close and act wisely whenever the time calls for it. Words cannot describe this change of life if I was to rate it in number trust me nothing less than 10 out of 10.

  1. Ok, let’s admit….The opposite sex

Undoubtedly the first point in every book that talks about reasons to exercise. The time a hot woman asks you to feel your bulging biceps; every drop of sweat would feel worth it.

Your opinion matters a lot in this if you think you have a trigger I have missed out please share the same. Let’s make this world a happy and a Fit world.

                                                                     Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

                                                                               Happy Karma!!!

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