Millennial Lifestyle and need of Supplementation


Ideal life: fresh air, clean water, harmonious lifestyle, good nutrition, and smiles.

Real Life: Rushed meals, long hours behind screens and wheels, polluted air, stressful environment, and compromised nutrition.

Unfortunately, the 21st century has brought in its own set of unique challenges to our urban-industrial lifestyle. While it may sound counter-intuitive to the thought of growth, the modern-day culture has compelled us so much one barely gets time to think about health and nutrition.

As soon as we fall ill, our first reaction is to take medicines and try to get cured quickly. But this affects our immunity and makes it weak over a period of time. It’s time we say #MedsCanWait and look for health supplements, like the ones Setu is promoting.

Modern diets are generally comprised of frozen and packaged foods; which lack basic micronutrients like Proteins, Minerals, Vitamin, Carbohydrates, Amino acids, and carbs. These foods are filled with preservatives and are perceived to have zero to minimal nutritional value.

An abundance of pre-packaged convenience has left us deficient of basic nutrition and at the mercy of pharma companies. Blame it on the lifestyle or urban-industry food limitations, human health in the current scenario is based on our ability to limit exposure, adapt to changing surroundings, supplement and heal.

Recently I discovered that Health Supplements brand Setu is spearheading the #MedsCanWait movement which encourages people to try health supplements rather than take medicines when you have health issues.

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An Unhealthy Gut is by large the biggest root cause of major diseases. Our gut contains of billions of microorganisms, that make up the gut microbiome. An imbalance of more ‘bad’ bacteria than good, causes a plethora of diseases. To Correct the imbalance, we need high-quality probiotic food or supplement to replenish lost “good” bacteria. These friendly set of bacterias constantly patrol and audit the intestinal area, helping the digestive system run smoothly. Probiotics are a great go-to bet if you are recovering from a disease and have taken a dose of antibiotics. These healthy bacteria help replenish the healthy bacteria lost from antibiotics. Setu YourGut has good probiotic bacteria which helps in great immunity.

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Cholesterol Levels

When it comes to heart health, cholesterol plays a pivotal role. In actual, cholesterol in food has a marginal effect on the body as compared to cholesterol from trans and saturated fats. Trans and Saturated fats cause a much greater spike in LDL(Bad) cholesterol as compared to regular meals. High cholesterol levels is a frequent problem amongst aging people, as with age the level of bad LDL and triglycerides rise leading to block in arteries. Setu Counter Cholesterol can help in restoring HEALTHY CHOLESTEROL Levels naturally.

Vitamin Sunshine/Vitamin D

We are spending not even half the time our previous generations used to spend outdoors. Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption within the body, and unfortunately the desk job work culture and rising pollution has literally created a barrier for Vitamin D. Sunshine vitamin reduced the risk of diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, increase bone health and other health concerns. A healthy individual can have all its daily Vit-D requirements fulfilled from a 15-20 minutes exposure to sun in summers. However, if your daily routine is deprived of sun exposure, you should not take medicines but look for supplements like Setu health supplements.

Eye Health

If we were to chalk out a day vis-à-vis screen time-it would be something like this. We wake up looking at our gadget for overnight notifications, a substantial proportion of millennials spend 6-7 hours on a desktop/laptop, and finally, we end our day watching the best content over a Netflix or Amazon. An average urban individual spends more than 10 hours a day looking at a display screen.

We are being exposed to blue light continuously and eye lens cannot block it. Ongoing exposure to light triggers degeneration of eye muscles leading to dryness and weak eye muscles.  If you are constantly exposed to smartphones or gadgets, don’t immediately take a medicine. There are a few changes you can bring in to your routine to minimize damage.

  1. Reduce Screen Time: no better way than to limit the exposure, than to just skip it.
  2. Screen Filter: Screen Filters decrease blue light coming out from gadgets that could normally reach eye retina. Screen filters come in diverse sizes and are available for almost all gadgets.
  3. Supplementation: No harm in trying health supplements like Setu Eye Max that help repair eye damage due to aging & screen exposure.

eye max

Setu Health Products is creating a new wave in everyday healthcare. Take Setu health supplements regularly to make sure you get enough essential nutrients and to maintain or improve your health so that #medscanwait.

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