Millennials and Stress


Its no more about the salary cheques, a job is about meaningful work and Substance.

It took a lot of effort for Millennials to become stressed, lonely and slaves of debt. And if timing, they say is everything in life, millennials are jinxed. 

The term work-life balance and stress are at the helm when spoken about careers in the last decade. This is largely due to the dominating presence of millennials in the workforce, a workforce that wishes to be part of winning organization and contribute to the community. Employers are putting in significant effort to keep the employees engaged while helping them achieve the proverbial work-life balance.

Being part of a generation, which is always “ON” during off-hours, connected round the clock, the career needs to be engaging to avoid burnout. For a generation that catches email on Sundays work and life are a tightly blended mix.

Why millennials are stressed??

Millennials in work-place

Millennials now make up almost more than 50% of the population in the corporate work-force. The tight job market and demands of professional life have overburdened individuals mentally to maintain safety. For someone working 9-9 in professional life, the only balance that matters is standing straight.

workplace millennial

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Millennials and Technology

I recently did an inner engineering course with sadhguru, housing more than 12K people. While the use of a mobile phone was strictly banned during the sessions, post sessions the first thing almost every individual ran for was checking notifications on the screen. As a generation we are becoming slaves of technology, being connected we feel alone. Being in contact, we feel empty. We are a generation that’s not only competing with its peers but peers across the globe. 

Millennials and the World

Call it our fate; millennials will never know or live in a time where climate change was not a grave threat. It’s a now or never situation for the earth. In our minuscule vacation calendar, we need to make time for the environmental crisis too. And not just a plan a definitive plan. Its no more about buying the right car, wearing eco-friendly attire, zero-carbon emission products, it’s now a fight against seemingly impossible odds.

How do we correct it?


Considering how dismal the job market is across the globe, no wonder we are tossing and turning all night. Yes, the economy is in turmoil, yes the job market is tough and the slowdown is imminent; but at the end of the day, you are as good a resource as your physical and mental health. I personally have shifted 3 jobs through a span of 6 years where the demands of professional life were either mundane or my career had hit a stagnation.

Its time we seriously have a look at stressors and try to limit them if not avoid them completely. Set realistic expectations on the work-life and personal front. Get over the fears of YOLO and FOMO. If this is not working do something else, find solutions to harmony, not alcohol to complain.

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Self Care

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. People, consultants, peers, managers, people can enlighten you on the fact of self-care, but nobody can force you into it. A large number of people start fitness programs but gradually phase out; if you don’t have it sorted in your head you aren’t going to do it successfully. Wish to feel less lethargic, you need to sleep early. Wish to live healthily, you need to engage in exercise. Either we find excuses for missing fitness regimes due to traffic, late-night meetings, or we can find solutions like walking post meals or from home to grocery stores. Find solutions to accommodate within your routine if you can’t make time. We live in a world where Quora has answers to questions on Mars when we are not even there. Finding solutions to balance is like finding water in sea.

If you are not going to prioritize self-care you will self-dig a grave for your future.

Digital detoxifications

The world will not crumble if your social media feeds or emails are not scrolled first thing in the morning. If it is something imperative you do it, but turning to social media with the first light of sun on a Sunday. We have made it a habit. Give yourself time to connect with your inner self

Technology is our personal life has become a quick-fix solution to all life’s problems. We have learned to cope with stress by turning to technology, looking for distraction and alleviation of the discomforts accompanying stress.

Detox day: when was the last time you went across hours with a conversation with someone in real while keeping your phone aside.

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Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

Happy Karma!!

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