Monday Morning Blues or Emotional Alarm


Is your Monday Morning something like this??

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Monday Morning is a drag, of course, who loves to follow a schedule when you just had 2 days of your own clock. Feeling stressed and anxious at the start of a new week is not uncommon. Sunday night binge watching keeps us sleep deprived, traffics bad on a Monday morning, Number-Projections- Presentations; the to-do list is endless on a Monday morning. Monday gives us immense reasons to hate it. Monday morning blues are so prevalent that we have a made a habit to laugh off any extent of emotions like depression, anxiety, stress, hopelessness.

But are these really a good sign? To what extent are they from Binge watching/ Excessive boozing?

Facts: –

People show high signs of stress when they anticipate workday.

Most workers don’t smile good 2 hours into work on a Monday morning.

I am not sure this one is due to blues; suicide rates are highest on Mondays.

While science has gone ahead and done a lot of psychological and neurological studies to determine the quality of work is proportionally affected by the emotional state of mind. I personally could say from experience; innovation and creativity go down the drain when someone is not motivated into work.

Before you take the notion that Mondays are a sin, it’s best you investigate your choices. It’s vital to not ignore the possibilities of choices behind the hopelessness rather than a day of Week. If Cold Showers, Double shot expresso’s, exercise are not enough to motivate you, it’s time for a reality check.

  1. Is it your Job?

job and stress

Let’s face it: if it’s not working it’s time to move on. There are rarely few who would say their job is exciting, motivating and fulfilling; for the rest, it’s a wait for 31st with spikes of excitement to keep the happiness going. But if you are dreading every morning, its time to evaluate careers. What length, what capacity you are troubled, barring you no one has a better answer to that question.

Is stress pulling your Down? Seek Professional assistance for your mental problems.  

  1. Digital Detoxification

By digital detoxification, one doesn’t mean for you to switch to Monk Mode. Avoid checking professional mailers and schedules on weekends, until its not urgent and needs immediate attention. Why check and worry if you don’t intend to respond it till you reach office. The reason Monday feels excessively painful is that you have let it sneak into your me time. Switch off the Auto-Sync on weekend, let it be a weekday phenomenon. 

  1. Zero sleep and wish to innovate like Tony Stark

If you are only running on a few hours’ sleep, it’s highly unlikely you will like anything the next day. Getting to bed at reasonable times will make you feel fresh and active the next day. Sleep deprivation has been one of the biggest causes of stress and reduced productivity among modern-day professionals.

  1. Work-Life balance

Work life balance

“Work is just a part of life, not vice versa”. Some say it’s elusive, others like to say work-life integration, yet its something I believe does exist. And it’s not wrong finding the magical spot of life.  No matter how important demands or professional life get, its important to replenish the lost stores of life with Fitness and Self-Care. If your ideologies are confined to working in an assembly line and don’t intend to pursue any passion/growth; probably you should focus on efficiency at best. However, if you have a vision for the future which involves challenges, you need to work on finding the balance.

  1. Fitness and Food

Its no secret exercise pumps up the endorphins and makes you happy. What better way to start the day than with some good tunes on a bright sunny morning with a cardio workout, following it up an exotic milkshake and Egg Toast. Does it really sound that bad?

Sleepy eyes and morning hunger crankiness is the last thing one needs on a Monday morning.

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Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

Happy Karma!!

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