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We have all started our path to a goal at some time with the best of intentions. We have either virtually shot over or broken all ends loose to achieve the feat. At Some points, we lost our Fire. Falling of the grid on your health goals is a common concern for many and you are not the first one if you are feeling the void. Many people who start Fitness programs with passing time loose the motivation to move forward. Motivation is the key of you want to feel healthy for long, not only will it help you gain most of the workouts but it will keep you going back to the regime week after week.

Though motivation will naturally change over time, the key is to find what makes you stick to the regime irrespective of the environment or the season, since that’s how you create a growth graph. The graph will have its ups and downs but the key is to not let the downs overpower the ups. Here are some tips to stay on top of your Athletic or health goals overcoming the surrounding interventions.

  1. Get Inspiredplank

How Do you stay motivated towards your Goals? Look for various sources of inspirations around you. Read out inspirational stories, Journals, Books, the society is surrounded by people who have achieved marks in various fields. Snap a few pictures of yourself from the front and sides and compare yourself with others.

The value of Fitness in today’s corporate world is pivotal because Its you who makes ordinary numbers look Grand.

  1. Know what takes you off the track

The key to staying on track is to know what is taking you or most likely to take you off the track. Just like Smoking, Eating is also taken up as a time killing hobby by many. Do you use Food to cope with Stress, Disappointment, Meetings, rejection or personal success?

Its critical for us to brainstorm ways we can stay clear of the unhealthy platter while handling with mood swings. Keep your office drawers, closets, kitchen stuffed with healthier choices to binge on while undergoing mood swings. An Ice Cream to come over a late night conversation might kill the entire days health plan.

  1. Minor changes that are manageable

minor changes“Sorry I cant eat it, I am on a diet” ; one common phrase from those who have just started a diet. We all are humans and have our cravings for healthy and unhealthy food, one just cant live on fruits for an entire life. Instead of making Mega-changes with all or nothing approach, create smaller changes that are adaptable and manageable. While you should not have the entire pizza, it’s no sin also if you have a slice. Start with smaller goals and profess towards big goals. Always make sure to pen down realistic and achievable goals.

For people who are in a time crunched lifestyle buy a pedometer make an effort to compete and beat your previous day best day in and day out.

  1. Vary your training

Find activities you enjoy, this helps prevent muscles from injury and also keeps you motivated towards the activity. Every effort that burns your calories counts so from Gymnasium, Yoga, Soccer, Kick Boxing everything counts. Try new and various methods and be open to different workouts. SO if you are a cardio person focus on HIIT for few days or if you are on HIIT person join in a Yoga or meditation class.

  1. Your Company Matters

The people who you surround yourself with have a profound influence on you. While you might have buddies ready for the red colored MONK you meat post sunset, also try finding buddies that stick around with you at dawn.

    6. Remember That Change Takes Time

It’s easy to see thin people and think how lucky they are. But here’s the truth: If a thin person is over 30 — or even over 20 — chances are they are working hard at being thin each day. Learn from them. Find out how they stay thin. Is it through more exercise? Eating fewer snacks?

“Even if we all ate the same optimal, wholesome diet and exercised to the same high degree of physical fitness, we would still be very diverse in our shapes. Some quite thin and some quite big, but most in the middle.”

Make the commitment to change some lifestyle habits and allow yourself plenty of time to see your goal. In addition, accept the fact that your body is meant to be a certain size — even if that size isn’t skinny — and feel good about it.

Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

Happy Karma!!!

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