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Fascinated by the pictures of chiselled body structure on magazine covers, want to get a sleek lean structure like that. The fascination is justified, we are men and we just can’t take to be second in any course, especially if it relates to turning on women. The heights of same can be seen in one popular Indian television commercial “Men will be Men”.

This article is all about comparing a non-supplement workout with a supplement/steroid filled workout. Health as a lifestyle has been a driver for my life since long and I have always advocated a non-supplement diet. Say it or not’ the speed and results what can be achieved with a supplement driven diet can never be achieved with a non-supplement diet. Those magazines covers we all see and get fascinated with or the completely ripped mid section male posing for a Jockey or a Zoiro on e-commerce website; trust me those guys have had their share of workout and Food as per requirement. Keep your aim and benchmark clear when you start your workout regime; the aim should be to live with health as a lifestyle and not just the outer look.

As we are not on supplements and we also want to be second to none it’s time we make some changes to our food habits to expedite the muscle gain process. Supplements are nothing but fuel and nutrition for the muscles. It acts as a catalyst in speeding up the muscle building process of the body if the daily food intake does not fulfill the necessary requirement. Proteins and carbohydrates are the core pillars for muscle building and it is imperative we focus on them.

Egg Whites :are one good source of proteins especially in the case of those who cannot tolerate dairy or vegan (for the later it will always be a problem). Egg whites are generally a good source of protein and a very good substitute for protein shakes.

Broccoli: Easily available, nominal pricing, Broccoli is a very good protein source for vegetarians.
Boiled Chicken and Tuna Fish: I hate the fact i am vegetarians. Perfect substitutes for whey protein and Omega-3 fats (the roots of muscle building) Chicken and Tuna have no comparison to others as being a perfect whey substitute.

Dairy Products: Dairy is a very good source of Protein, carbohydrates and fats. Raw milk is always a better source than pasteurized milk, as the milk loses its live enzymes and Bio-available vitamins during processing.

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