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Finding the right balance between Work, Life, Family, Social gatherings and the last in the list for many “FITNESS” can be an unattainable task. Different aspects of life require different form of energy at different points of time and putting it all in the right basket at the right place can be overwhelming. While many struggle with the growing metropolitan traffic, others have to manage growing business demands, some struggle in finding the right equation with the peers’ others struggle to manage with managers. If you were to pen down a list of matters that brought mental turbulence in your life, you could go on making a never ending list. While we need to show up at work every day it is equally important for us to create equal time for our personnel lives. For as soon as one area of life takes over, other areas suffer.

Work Life Balance

If you are in a situation–constantly going at a full speed trying to be as productive at work, wishing to spend quality time with family and achieve fitness goals you have dreamt off; you often end up in a situation where something has to give up. And you are right, often it’s just not possible to accomplish everything every day. But contrary many have achieved to accommodate Fitness into an already packed juggle of life. It’s all about mindset and small lifestyle changes that make you achieve more than what you thought you could.

Make Habits of lifestyle changes
It’s an old saying “Do a new task every single day for 21 days, and you’ve created a habit,”. Right habits define right lifestyle. If you create a lifestyle where FITNESS stands last in your priority list, you will develop a habit of deleting it easy. If its last it has to go down the easiest.
Pre-planning for the upcoming day in advance can be a blessing for your daily routine. So if you have a healthy meal in mind for the next day you only have to pull up the right shots in the morning and get ready to fly. The aim is to manage all and still hit work at the designated time. Work has its own priority in life so does the Life which caters to it. If a Six Hour sleep is essential for productivity make sure to accommodate it in your cut-throat presentation routines.

Get Moving

In this era of Fitness bands, we can monitor every step we move all across the day. There can be no better competitor you can compete with than you yourself. Set personnel milestone and compete with them day in and day out. Walking and stretching are the easiest ways to cram up exercises into a busy schedule. Both are something you can do at work, with family, children’s or even in your daily chores.
Take advantage of your organizations wellness programs, they are made for a purpose not for a mailer. More companies are embracing the wellness trend, realizing it’s less expensive to prevent rather than treat most medical conditions. Even as employers cut benefits, a growing number are offering on-site yoga classes or weight loss programs — some even offering incentives to participate. The organization I work for has placed a weight scale in my cafeteria, so every time a munch in haunts me into my face.

Fitness is a part of your JD

Exercise if directly related to happiness giving hormone, leading to higher levels of productivity and efficiency at work. So if you look at the holistic picture you are actually working to enhance your productivity. Exercise helps you take a global view of a situation which would not occur sitting in front of a computer screen. Keep your shoes near your bed; it ensures you use them each morning instead of gravitating to the computer.

Deal Deal Deal: Grab It!!!

If you are money strapped and feel you cannot afford a Gymnasium, Fitness, Dance membership or any other fitness regime; try again. The upside of recession is that fitness professionals and health clubs are responding to new budgets, offering discounts and showing more willingness to bargain.

While professional life may be extremely hectic and unpredictable, try to make a schedule and stick to it. You will be more effective at work if you have quality down time both for yourself and your family.
When one area of your life is taking over, stop and reconstruct the canvas. Schedule time and events for work, family and fitness, if you have to skipped schedules from time to time, don’t feel disheartened. Just make sure to come back.

Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

Happy Karma!!!

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