Second to none in terms of core strengthening, plank is one exercise you definitely would not want to miss in your routine. With no equipment, you can pull the same any place and any time of your choice. The exercise focuses on enhancing strength and endurance around abs, Core& back.  Planking lays down the core for a chiseled six pack core. Focusing on Multiple muscle groups the exercise tightens your mid-section core.  Planks act as a great support in lowering the back pain as they add strength to body mid-section. The exercise also helps get those stiff muscles moving, so all those Desk Jockeys and Marathon drivers get your planks in order even if you don’t hit the gym.

How to do a plank:-

Get into a push up position, rest your forearms on the floor at an angle of 90 Degrees and put your entire body weight on forearms and toes. The larger you sustain the resilient will be you lower back to injuries. No rocket science to it; your body needs to be flat and forearms beneath the shoulder. While doing planks squeeze your abs inside; the force against gravity helps strengthen the lower back.

Enhancing Planks:-

Planks can be traded out in a lot of ways to enhance core strength. To amp up the intensity just widen the Grip and put your weight on hands instead of forearms.  Planks should generally be performed at the fag end of your abs workout to get the entire muscle groups moving. Feel free to add weights on your lower back in case you feel the exercise is easing out.

Plank with rotational leg lifts put more pressure on lower back and glutes. While in the plank position try to lift one leg up in the air and sustain the position for some time ending it while slowly bring it down. Repeat the same procedure with alternate legs. In this position you fight the body’s urge to rotate to one side thus learning to balance as you fight the urge to avoid rotation.

For those who find it difficult to do a plank, try a bent –knee plank. Same position with the knees placed on floor to add support

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