Post-Exercise Meal Plan


Majority all who think about FITNESS or FITNESS as a lifestyle know that 80% of the role in the category Is played by food. You might be clocking 10 on a 100-meter race track, but how frequently you can clock the same is what your meal plan will define.  To efficiently gain from your daily calorie intake, you have to careful about your pre and post workout meal plans.

There are certain food items both pre and post workout that help you sustain the rigors of daily activities effectively. The idea is to eat fewer calories than you use up- but not fewer than the amount your body needs to function at its best.

Size, timing and category of meal taken pre or post workout can be a big differentiator in your energy levels while working out and also in your post workout recovery. How well your body recovers or rebuilds after exercise is completely dependent on the meal taken post the session. Let’s deep dive into what’s essential for a post workout session.

  1. Fluids

Sweating can cause loss of minerals and electrolytes within a workout essential. Its pivotal to replenish the depleted stores of fluid immediately to defy fatigue. After a moderate 30-40-minute session you should look at something between half to a three forth liter of water at least. In case you tend to sweat a lot or you are working out in a humid/hot weather consider using a sports drink with electrolytes for the same. Lemonade works great and is effective to recover from the loss of electrolyte.  Water often tends to be enough to keep you hydrated through a workout, however in cases where the intensity and duration are high it is better to opt for a sports drink as it gives you sodium, carbohydrates along with fluid.

  1. Protein & Carbohydrates

It is pivotal to consume some form of Carbohydrates and protein instantly after your workout. Why instantly? After workout the body is absolutely primed and ready to accept food and put the nutrients to the best use. Given the fact post workout nutrition is linked to recovery and replenishing the exhausted stores; it is advised to consume the meal within an hour of workout.

Your muscles don’t care if the nutrition comes from a hard-boiled egg, glass of chocolate milk, a fancy protein bar or a whey protein. The quantity of protein and carbohydrates you aim should be 0.25g and 0.25-0.5 g respectively per pound of your target body weight.


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