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[pullquote-right]Grinding and pushing that extra mile day in and day out will not help you progress towards your goal. Fitness game is highly equally dependent on rest and recovery as it is on Workout.[/pullquote-right]

A lot of people make mistake of dismissing the rest and recovery game as something that is too complicated or they don’t have time for. Anti-inflammatory is termed to be filled with side effects, Massage sessions are expensive to afford, and who wants to through the pain of a long cold bath.

There is no definite way scientifically proven to speed up recovery or muscle soreness however there are certain treatments that help the body alleviate the feeling of soreness and pain.

[highlight]Methods to speed up recovery: –

  1. Rest and recovery

There is no better treatment than giving your body space and time to relax. Getting plenty of sleep and giving your body ample time to relax is the best treatment you can have for sore muscles. We live in a time strapped era where we cannot afford to stay buckled to the bed all the time. Active recovery involves engaging in low intensity exercises which provides proper blood flow to muscles to help reduce muscle pain.

  1. Hydration

We are already in the middle of peak summers and there can’t be a bigger mistake to your fitness game than staying dehydrated. Dehydration affects physical performance leading to reduced endurance, concentration and frequent headaches. Hydration helps the body flush out toxins from the body and prevent dehydration. Drinking water half an hour prior to the meal helps reduce calorie consumption while having meals, especially in people who have large portion meals.

  1. Nutrition

The most effective way to accelerate muscle recovery and reduce muscle soreness is with food. By using simple meal strategies, we can target specific muscles in the body that get beat down while training.

The quality of foods we as an individual are consuming these days is going down. Even if you are consuming enough calories there is a substantial chance that the calories consumed are not dense and you need to replenish the lost stores to stay healthy.

Human Body is resilient to counter situations where it comes to injuries, however injuries (I hope they never come) to a malnourished body take prolonged time to heal.

Foods that assist a speedy recovery: –

  1. Potassium: –

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Potassium is crucial for heart function and muscle contraction. Those with low levels of potassium may often feel cramps and fatigue post their fitness regime. Avocado (a little expensive and non-seasonal fruit in northern India), spinach, sweet potato, coconut water, pomegranate, salmon, banana.



  1. Protein: –

Proteins are the building block of muscles. An injury to the body automatically increases its demand for protein as it is required in multiple processes that take place as injury happens. Healing processes are largely dependent on consumption of protein so it is critical to move towards a high protein diet.

Non-vegetarians: Chicken Breast, Turkey Breast, Yellowfin Tuna, Salmon, Pork chops.

Vegetarians: Broccoli, Cottage cheese, Milk, Eggs, Quinoa Seeds

  1. Omega-3 Fatty acids

Researches across the globe have proven Omega-3 Fatty acids can reduce muscle inflammation so much so that no pain killers may be needed. Reduce the swelling or muscle inflammation helps control the pain and relieve the area from further pressure.

There is no better way to consume the same baring FISH OIL capsules. Flax seeds, salmon fish, walnuts are few other options you can try.

  1. Foods rich in Anti-oxidants

Free radicals are toxins that are roaming around our body, especially when we are under injury. Radicals make individuals weaker by taking away good cells from the body. Anti-Oxidants like Tarts, Cherries, Blueberries helps control loose radicals helping the body stay injury free.

Ginger and Turmeric have also been named as the natures anti-inflammatory medicine that helps body recover.

How quickly an injury heals depends how we take the shared factors like rest and diet seriously. With Races to run and PR’s to hit, getting injured or staying injured is just not a solution. It’s an era of rehabilitation rather than recovery.  If you are injured or training hard for a motive following foods and tips will help you recover faster and heal smarter.

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