Rock Salt Vs. Table Salt

Rock-Salt-Vs-Table Salt
If you’ve heard about Rock Salt  you may be wondering why health enthusiasts are recommending it. Rock Salt(sendha namak) has cooling properties as compared to other salts hot in potency

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he latest trends in Health industry is seeing aggravated marketing efforts of companies towards lowest common denominator of food chain-Salt.

“Salt to taste”,popular phrase quoted in almost every recipe. The reality in the pinch of salt is much more than just being a taste booster. Shoot this question to a Blood pressure/Cardio patient or an abdominal muscle lover, the pinch would sound like a gigantic food item. Salt is an essential item of food chain and it is pivotal to have it in right quantities. Too much excess of white powder can bring diseases like Heart strokes, kindly problems; while too little of it causes problems like Headache, weakness, confusions as well as decreased consciousness.

 Ever wondered why we switch from table salt to rock salt during the Indian festivities of Navratri.


What is NaCl?

Salt is crystalline mineral made up of two minerals Sodium and Chlorine. Both the minerals have their own set of functions in the human body and an absence/lower value of one can cause considerable damage to body functionality. Sodium occurs in natural plant and animal food sources but majority of it we consume it in our diet from salt. A gram of Sodium is equivalent to 2.25g of Salt. So next time while checking the nutritional values of a food item multiply the sodium numbers to check the ideal salt intake.

Benefits of Rock Salt:-

  1. Manufactures strip off table salt from all its minerals in processing. It’s obvious you just don’t get flawless white powder without processing it. Just like any other form of packaged food the real essence is lost in the manufacturing and one just cannot garner the real essence form it. When we interfere with nature’s own cycle we Create imbalances which leads to diseases with in the human body.
  2. The processing and packaging of food requires excessive amounts of additives to keep the food edible for long. Food is a business and the focus is on longer shelf lives to avoid any loss of revenues. Common salt has bleaching agents as well as anti-caking agents. Whereas, the Himalayan rock salt is devoid of any of these. The anti-caking agent brings side-effects like constipation as well as kidney issues.
  3. Virgin Minerals: the crystalline unprocessed form of Salt contains virgin minerals. The contents of the salt are in a balanced form which make which make it easily mobilized by body.
    1. Electrolyte balance:  the minerals help maintain electrolyte balance within the body. So next time shedding excessive on expensive sports drink try a rock salt, lemon and honey drink the nature’s own Gatorade.
    2. Thyroid: It’s a common medical slang in India. Every 1 out of 10th individual you meet in corporate world is suffering from thyroid imbalance. Iodine in salt helps regulate thyroid function, iodine deficiency in body leads to hypothyroidism.
    3. Migraine Relief: Magnesium found in rock salt contains magnesium which is a natural remedy for migraine relief. Himalayan rock salt also contains calcium, helping to relax constricted blood vessels.
    4. Ph Balance: A must for all blood pressure patients. The minerals found in Rock Salt acts as a ph-Balancer and helps lower blood pressure.

We intake salt not just as an external source. Salt is found in many food products, especially in the processed foods. That is why we should at least replace the common salt we use as a table salt or in cooking with Himalayan rock salt. After all, why not add the naturally occurring high mineral content rock salt instead of the refined unhealthy one?

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