Script your Allegory


If you want some serious kick to workout read this full. This is how I scripted my allegory from a Bulky Kid to a Fitness Freak.

Are you putting off workouts because you just don’t have time or you just don’t have the feel for it.

You are reading this blog simply because you lack motivation to workout however deep inside you want to be smart and beautiful. This goes out to all reading this; you are here because you want to nobody forced you.
Are you not able to fit in those clothes you like? Are you afraid of colours because you can’t pull them off with your looks? You think Goa, Mali, Thailand is not for you as you can’t strip because the flab is bulky? You feel knocked down due to the looks you carry?

Whatever is you age 20’s, 30’s, 40’s or 50’s it’s your choice to run in a joggers park or run from a doctors to home. Staying fit and healthy is not an option but a mandate. The generations have gone by where daily work was self sufficient for a considerable health; however our forefathers didn’t live on pizzas oPhototastic-05-08-2015_7a683189-2f9a-4ecc-b955-7c8e52337409(1)r Paranthas.
We all will fall apart one day in life but what matters is how gracefully we fall apart. Diabetics, Blood pressure, Throat problem, lung problem or some other ailment; you could catch anything (i wish nothing) as you didn’t give attention to these things when it was important.

So what if you bleed chips; deep down you know what you have is only chips and no life. Money can buy you everything but some treasures are only buried deep down inside. I still remember a Hockey Goal where I slid like anything and knocked the ball; that moment my mother clapped from the stand. Will you be the guy who stands out as a charmer everywhere or that guy who gets a ping in all jokes.

Stand up and rise; to persevere is important.

Make a chart, plan your weak; there is no clock to be seen if you wish to workout.
May it be 4 a.m. or 9 p.m.; any moment your stomach has had a 3 hour rest just give it a shot. That meeting can hold, that presentation can hold so can your exam. Your schedule, location, style to workout is not important till the time post workout your body feels it did something.

Confidence is an art you yourself craft.

Happy Karma!!!
Stay Raw, Stay Unshakable


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