Self Help tips to Quit Smoking


To every non-smoker the 1st question in mind seeing a smoker is, why would anyone want to puff a smoke? Why would anyone spend mammoth on a useless pleasure? It leaves with you with a bad breath, clogs up your lungs, makes you cough every now on then and forever!!!

This is just semantics to a smoker, and tobacco is an addictive spirit which keeps the smoker looped into a stranglehold. If you are a smoker and reading this, please be rest assured you can halt the damage but it is impossible to recoup from the damage smoking has already done to your lungs. The idea being this is to see if you can kick the habit and put it away for rest of your life.

If quitting smoking isn’t the hardest thing you’ve ever tried to do, it would surely rank among the top few. Nicotine in cigarettes is as addictive as it gets. Plus, throw in the psychological addiction — like lighting up when you’re nervous, having a drink with friends, or doing the Sunday crossword puzzle — and you’ve got one serious habit to break.

  1. Overcoming Boredom

Majority of the corporate league smokers are unable to quit due to boredom. Boredom brings up stress level and you often end up thinking about smoking more than anything else. The key to this battle is staying active and engaged both physically and mentally.

  1. Diet

Certain foods make smoking feel more satisfying whereas others make the feel of smoke terrible. Post-meal smoking is a common habit for many as it escalates the metabolism and makes you feel satisfying. However, smoking post meal kills all the nutrients and vitamins of the food and what you are left with is a less nutrient meal. Foods like cheese, fruits, vegetables make smoke feel terrible. Changing routine at or after mealtimes can be really beneficial for helping you not smoke up.

  1. Big C

Understand the fact for a smoker the BIG C stays with you like a shadow. If not now, then tomorrow surely it will hit you.

  1. Exercise away the urge to smoke

Many smokers tend to gain weight when they go on a quitting routine. Thinking about the gain they stress and puff the roll again. So “STRESS” which was to be encountered is back and so is the routine. The beauty of exercise is that it helps you fight both the physical and psychological factors associated with smoking. Exercising helps limit weight gain, ease nicotine withdrawal symptoms, cravings for cigarette decrease during exercise and even for an hour after that.

  1. Reason

The reason you define to quit should be a driving force for you to achieve a goal. It is the power of mind over matter; you need to develop that will power to stop yourself from reaching out to pick the next one.


Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

Happy Karma!!!

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