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Little has changed in world of fitness over decades. We imitate someone whom we ghostly also don’t resemble, search for quick fixes or Magic pills for instant gratification, et VOILA. Few Decades ago on TV we had that perfect beach body women who came endorsing vibration belts as a quick solution to weight loss & it beacame a regular in Gymnasium and Homes. Time passed,  we had half hour TV shows where men & women showcased perfect legs and muscle cuts saying “Sauna belts and ab machines” are the perfect solution for time strapped people. And the era evolved to ab machines, sweat machines; sit and home do nothing, and again marketing took the better off human science. 

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From television to #socialmedia era; a substantially large population claims to know the perfect mix of Fitness and ideal match of supplements to lead a healthy Lifestyle. Self Proclaimed Half Educator-Half Inspirational Pundits and Gurus claim to reduce your double chin in few weeks, probably even get you ready to compete with likes of USAIN BOLT in a matter of months. Fitness workouts nowdays are slightly evolved. And if you are one whose into fitness your workout shall probably involve some of these: marathons, competitive sports, MMA, Keto, Tai Chi, Yoga session, Boot camps, Spas, Training, High intensity training, recovery training, mental training, relaxation training, steam baths, SoulCycle, etc. etc. etc.

The million-dollar question is are we better than the previous generation or are we over complicating things just to expand the market.

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Ask more people, and people would say the world of fitness is more complicated & complex than ever before. In an era of technology where every ounce gets measured, every step movement is tracked, food item are labelled; why are we still unhealthy of the lot. Is fitness really that complicated or are we complicating it to meet our gains. For arguments sake let’s take a simple topic “protein”. Ever wondered how difficult and complex has the world of protein has become. We have various types of proteins Vegan, Animal, Soy, Milk; then we have various constituents driven gluten, non-gluten, has BCAA or no BCAA, how easily it digests doesn’t digest, government articles, muscle building articles and do you have the answer for your perfect protein?

The main reason people are finding the world of fitness troublesome is the complexity wMuscle Confusion: Fact Or Fiction? - Online Fitness Coache have brought in it. After hours and hours of excel sheets, depressing covid numbers, global  politics, family problems one is being asked to add another “fitness”. Then we have added complexities of calories and steps to our routines. Calories weren’t enough so we added Macros and Food Types. Why on earth a human being who intends to live a healthy lifestyle will not make a simpler choice of not eating 2 hours prior to bed, instead of spending an hour to day to count macros.



Incredibly with all the science and process of oversimplifying what we know works for Fitness is almost simple, yet we have invented myriad ways to complicate, cloud and over-complicate the simple truths of Fitness.

  1. Movement matters in any form.

If you hate to hit the gym or join a power lifting session, its fine. Don’t sweat it. If you don’t take a walk at 6am in the morning wearing Sports shorts, instead take your dog out for a equal walk at 9 am it’s the same thing. Leave the specific training for specific goals, if your goal is Fitness, accommodate it in any way possible. When I started my fitness journey, I took long walks to shopping malls and give me a small treat and walk back listening to best music I loved. Eventually that habit grew, and I picked up running.

  1. Workout: Mix-It up

Any form of exercise over time gets on you, shake it up. No matter what workout you do, how lovely you find it to be but if you are doing the same stuff repeatedly you will be hit by diminishing returns. Research over decades have proven for best results from your workout you need to mix it up. One needs to mix anaerobic activity with aerobic activity. Varying the intensity of workouts is very important, significant difference in performance results were found in individuals who performed intensity training at regular intervals across the week.

  1. Extremity is good, but to a limit.

We are in an age of ultra-workouts, cross-fits, MMA, do it until you die age. With all these workouts and less focus on conditional training, we are catching up easy on injuries. As quoted by many elite athletes switch between Regular Exercise and Extreme workouts in a ratio of 80:20. Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast.

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