Skipping the weight gain with alcohol

alcohol and weight gain

Planning to step out on a Friday evening with your diet plan saying no to alcohol, you probably should skip it and watch TV.

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]ts Friday, end of the workweek, for some of us it’s like sundown after a full day of war with Spartans.(ask a sales guy-its a war every day). Like everyone else, you look forward to letting the guard down and shedding off the work load from your mind. And what is a party without Sharaab(Liquor) and Kabab(mesmerizing Tandoori) . With a little handy information and a slight bit of planning you can party till dawn while managing to keep your love handles under check.

Talk to millennials, we all can look through packs of bakery, sugar loaded cakes, pizza boxes, even veterans on deciphering proxy sugar names from food items; but alcohol seems harmless. No one can ignore the empty calories in alcohol, especially when an ounce packs more than 150-200 calorie in some cases. Add to it the sugary, chocolaty, virginity add-ons and you end up consuming more than a cheese burst. Here are a few diet friendly tips to keep the magnanimous belly at bay.

Choose wisely

keep it light

[pullquote-left]Higher the alcoholic content, higher the calories.[/pullquote-left]

80 proof vodka-64 calories, 100 proof vodka-94 calories. Don’t forget portion control along with the right drink choice. Pint of light beer 120-130 calories, 25 ml gin with diet tonic 94 calories, substituting Mojito over a margarita that’s saving about 100 calories, glass of white wine packs about 100 calories. The lighter the beer, lower the calories it packs; surely the lager tastes like shit but at the end it doesn’t deprive us off the fun. The Indian market recently saw a rage as BIRA 91 light was launched, a drink packing 90 calories in a 330 ml pint.

bira 91

 90 calorie pint: BIRA 91 

Alternate drinks

This one saves you from 2 things; firstly, it prevents you from ending up in morning looking at the sky, secondly it saves you growing a waistline that blocks you looking at your feet standing upright. Alternate alcoholic drinks with mineral water or diet soft drinks. Make a glass of wine last longer by turning it into a spritzer — add sparkling water or lemonade.

Don’t skip pre-meals for alcohol: –

When drunk you will grand anything and everything to satiate your hunger without a thought. Have a pre-drink snack something light to settle down the stomach and prepare it for the consumption of alcohol. As per a new research albeit in mice, not people “These data suggest that alcohol-induced overeating is an evolutionarily conserved biological phenomenon occurring across mammals, irrespective of aesthetic beliefs and social conditioning”.

Next Day

If last night ended up with you orchestrating your arrival to neighbors from the depth of your throat, its time too hydrate. Alcohol induced headache is often due to dehydration which gets better after consuming liquid beverages. Consume a fresh Juice, Dairy, Coconut water along with a light diet like scrambled eggs, poha, yogurt

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Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

Happy Karma!!!


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