Smart Grocery Shopping tips for Weight Loss


It’s month end, time to run stock the kitchen essentials with monthly groceries.  Healthy lifestyle starts at the supermarket. After all you are what you eat, and you will eat what you have stacked up at your place. When it comes to shopping healthy, supermarket may seem a battle ground between desires and temptations. If you aren’t prepared with a WHAT TO SHOP list when you walk in, you might walk out with a bag full of Sins for your health.

Surrounding yourself with healthy foods is the best way to resist the temptations of Cocoa, Cheese and many more weight scale catalysts.

Shop Smart for Smart Weight Loss

  1. Shop the perimeter

Make your next trip to supermarket as healthy as possible by shopping the perimeter of the store. The less you find yourself wondering and checking labels in middle aisles, the healthier your cart would be at the exit. Make It a habit to bulk up your groceries from the perimeter and then moving to over to staples. Avoid putting your temptations to test in the middle Aisles.

  1. Plan it

Take the guesswork out of your grocery shopping and walk in with a plan in mind. While at first it might not sound as essential for a small thing like grocery shopping. But walking in without a list you might end up seeing saying “HELLO COOKIES” at the billing counter.


  1. Produce Section First

Fill up with cart with bulk of Produce and Fruits. Look out for the cheapest items in Vegetables section, they are seasonal and local foods. Pricing of the food is a self-explanatory measure to evaluate foods seasonality. In north India currently it’s the season of All gourds, Brinjal, Cucumber, Cauliflower (Early), Okra, Onion, Tomato, Pepper.

  1. Buy foods without Labels

If they have to convince you it’s Healthy, its most likely not. If you apply the general concept of grocery shopping you are already resisting the aisles of added, packed and preserved foods. Stick to wholesome foods instead. Avoid foods containing more than five ingredients, artificial ingredients, or Ingredients you can’t pronounce.


  1. Stay Organic and say No to GMO’s

Opt for organic, GMO-free foods. Avoid processed products and the following high-risk crops: alfalfa, canola, corn, cotton, papaya, soy, sugar beets, zucchini, and yellow summer squash.

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