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Those bulky balls sitting relaxed on one corner of your workout area are not only to sit and feel the bounce. Gym Balls, Stability Balls, Fitness Balls, Swiss Balls or any other name you might like to give them reap benefits ranging from rehabilitating Body pains to enhancing core stability and posture. Effectiveness in developing core balance; gym balls have made a significant progress in the world of clinical rehabilitation and physical training. For all those corporate nerds sitting long hours in front of that computer screen; stability ball is one great solution to correct the spinal position. Ease of use and versatility has made the versatile piece of equipment BUZZ word of the physical training market. Given the massive popularity, every commercial fitness facility has one of these and some trainers have even developed a group session exclusive for the same.

stability ball

Benefits of Stability Ball:-

Spine Alignment:

The unstable surface of the ball pushes the neuromuscular system to achieve stability on its own. Coincidentally the perfect spinal posture is the easiest one also.

4 moves for people with long sitting hours

back pain

Core Strengthening:

Walk into any fitness concept and you will surely cross this word strengthening your core. I will keep it short and explain you the broad concepts of the same. Mid-section or core is made up of abdominal and back muscles which act as stabilizer for the body. Stabilizer simply refers to the fact of it simply being the nucleus while performing all activities. None of the muscles are actually felt or worked out when you sit on a bench or a hard surface which body calls upon while sitting on the ball. Farther the ball from the core difficult is sustaining balance on the same.

Muscle Balance:

Muscles Imbalances can be corrected by working out on the ball. The support on lower back and posterior muscles during training forces body to neutralize muscle imbalances.

  • Inexpensive and maintenance free:

    In the high priced Gimmick world of Medical and Fitness; stability ball comes as cheap and maintenance free workout equipment.

  • Improvisation:

    A stability ball can be used by all age groups and all level performers. The unstable surface forces the body to sustain resistance; thus training it in a different way like ever before.

Stability Ball Exercises:

  • Plank:

    Normal Planks go to a completely different level while working on a stability ball. Assume a push-up position with arms resting on the ball. To add variations to the same try with feet resting on the ball. Planks-Root to a chiseled core.

  • Crunch:

    The exercise puts pressure on that lower back forcing those stiff abdominal muscles to pop out. Rest your lower back on the ball, hands behind the head, curl your upper body forward.

  • Hip Raise

    The funny looking exercise works great on lower back, hips and thighs.

  • Windshield Wiper Exercise:

    Talk about wings/Oblique; wiper comes in as one of the most effective exercise to push that muscle group. The ultra-tough exercise makes sure when those shirts come off in summers that core looks WOW!!!. Perfect to burn those calories you pilled in those office parties.

  • Abs Rollout Exercise:
     Kneel on floor facing the ball within arm’s reach. Lean forward and roll arms forward as far as possible keeping your back straight.
  • Overhead Squat with Balls:
    you might have been doing squats since long; it’s time to spice up the same. Hold a stability ball overhead while performing squats a perfect schedule to burn those Butt’s and Quads.
  • Ball Pass:
    The picture is self-explanatory on how to perform the exercise. It might look simple but trust me it will get that gut to tear apart.


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