Surviving a Desk Job: Avoid the aches and Pains


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The perils of desk job are significant. Long sitting hours, deadline expectations, performance benchmark, appraisal stress. Add to it our sedentary lifestyle; the modern-day office can be detrimental to our health. If you are someone who spends the majority of the day sitting in front of a computer screen (which I feel you do), you know what I am referring too. From printers to supervisors a typical office tends to bite you with every passing minute. Long sitting hours poses a constant threat of chronic back, neck and arm pain along with other problems like depression and blood pressure. The job pays for our financial needs so we can’t ignore it, however, simple tweaks go a long way in maintaining overall health.

What can we do to counteract this office life we have to live?

  1. Exercise

Nothing path-breaking, but the basics of a healthy lifestyle are exercising. While working in a desk job we are sitting for nothing less than 3/4th of our waking hours. Lack of movement slows down body metabolism, reducing the amount of food that is converted to energy( as we don’t move, we don’t need it too) and thus creating a Fat deposit. When we work on the same routine for long we tend to create a FAT deposit SIP which pays due dividends, one of the rarest occasions we hate dividends. Fat deposition leads to obesity, and a litany of ills like heart diseases, arthritis, blood pressure, joint pains which come along with obesity. Ironically the society we live in tends to associate obesity with eating habits overlooking the individual lifestyle habits. We need to realign our thoughts towards our weight and look at it from a lifestyle angle rather than a food sin.

While exercising holds true essence for a healthy lifestyle, make sure not to imitate people for whom Fitness is a profession. A 100 Kilo bench press suits those preparing for Tokyo 2020, not for ones preparing for next month projections.

Surely not a workout for working professionals!!!

       2. Set your work-space right

If you are like me working in a desk job than you must be working, eating, shopping, dating; literally living 90% of your life in that office chair. We are talking about nothing less than 10-12 awake hours of a day. And yet those sitting hours are often spent in furniture that is either too low, too high, or we are slouching, or bending our neck. Impostures like these might not send us in a fight or flight mode but gradually these all mistakes end up in nasty stuff. Create a desk where your shoulders are relaxed, forearms parallel to the ground, monitor in line of your eyesight or a little lower, shoulders pulled back.

This picture will give you an idea of workstation ergonomics.


  1. Don’t play the freeze game

Sitting for lengthy periods is terrible for your body. Aches and pains are least of your problem-it can lead to serious performance issues in personal and professional life. The best plan for prolonged spinal health is to consistently alter your posture while working long hours. Make a habit of moving around every hour, while stretching your neck and spine to relax them. Short breaks during work hours not only help the body physically relax but also helps the brain to rejuvenate and gather thoughts. Stretch out your limbs and step away from the desk physically for a complete and total break.

  1. Ditch Eating Al-Desko

In our hustle culture, we have somewhat lost the art called LUNCH. We have become prisoners of our own environment. Lunch or specifical food at work is not just a pack calories to gulp down the throat while watching peoples beautiful life over Instagram. Dining Al-desko adds to our long mental and physical stress period, where in the hour was introduced to relax. Eating Al-desko or while commuting is related to overeating and may put extra pounds on your waistline. 

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Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

Happy Karma!!!


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