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Are you in a stage Early morning struggles are a regular part of your life, you feel constantly drained out and are heavily dependent on pick me ups to get you through the day, you are in a state where you prioritize a call to cafeteria for a coffee prior to morning greetings?

The culture of developing south Asian economies has a majority of workforce involved in day to day operations. Many doctors, consultants who work along with corporates share the fact that more than 25% of the population walking for consultation come just to enquire about problem of excessive tiredness. Moving towards a digital economy we are often intrigued to read about any problem that we feel within our body. Kudos to the digital marketing professionals, a single search or google for a problem is more than enough for e-marketing companies to bombard us with data, facts, products; creating an environment of impulsive buying. Given this impulsive buying and focused digital marketing vitamin companies have shown massive growth in sales over the time.

Let’s look at some of the lifestyle reasons that are making us drag through days

  1. Exercising

The choice is completely yours, who doesn’t want to spend an extra hour lying in a cozy bed than to walk out and sweat. Various researches across the world have observed people who exercise tend to feel less fatigued and more energized. Exercising makes the heart and lung work more efficiently delivering oxygen and vital nutrients throughout the body.

  1. Junk Sleep

If your mobile phone is the last thing you see when you are going to bed you are one of those suffering from junk sleep. Over-stimulating the brain too close to bed time often leads to stress disrupting sleep patterns. The lights from handheld gadgets emits light disturbing the brain to produce wake-up hormone right before you wind up.

In this era of professional rigors, we often end up depriving ourselves of proper bedtime. It is pivotal to create bedtime routine wherein we create healthy habits to wind down. Try taking a bath before bed, followed by a milky drink, and a screen free hour before bed.

  1. Iron Levels

Excessively low iron levels lead to anaemia with in the human body. Pulling down the eyelids can be an easy test to determine if you have an iron deficiency of not. A pale color rather than pink is an indication of iron deficiency within the body. It is best advised to get a blood evaluation done to have a conclusive figure on iron level within the body. Get your vitals checked.

  1. Lacking Vitamin Stack

Given the sedentary lifestyle and high levels of pollution in urban metros, vitamin B and D deficiency has become an epidemic. It is essential to provide body with essential calories and vitamins to get you through the day. Vitamin D is essential to absorb calcium in the body which helps in bone strength and Vitamin B helps convert the food into energy for daily activities.

  1. Dehydration

Your fatigue can be a sign of dehydration. While working out, or working in a desk job your body needs water to stay cool and keep the blood pressure optimal. A low blood pressure means not enough blood flows to the brain or mind. This can cause fatigue, depression or even loss of concentration. Drink water throughout the day so your urine is light colored. A dark colored urine is often an indication that the body is dehydrated.

  1. Caffeine

Though caffeine is referred to as the pick me up drink, but the drink makes you feel tired once the adrenaline rush wears off. Caffeine can improve alertness and concentration in moderate doses however excessive usage of caffeine can lead to increases heart rate, high blood pressure and jitteriness.

It is always advised to advocate moderation while consuming caffeine or related products. Instant withdrawal can lead to increased fatigue and caffeine withdrawal.

  1. Stress

A little stress can be thought of as a pat on the back to pep you up and keep you moving, long term stress- from work issues or personal issues can be taxing on the human body. It is our response to stress that’s much more damaging than the stress itself. Stress leads to depression which further boils down to fatigue, loss of appetite, headache and many more physical complications. When stress strikes try not to hit an addiction like Smoking or Drinking rather indulge in a conversation with someone, or go for a walk or try Yoga. It’s essential to slow down the pace whenever you feel stressed to analyze and respond to the situation. Depression responds well to talk therapy or medication.

Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

Happy Karma!!!

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