Top 5 Diet Myths


Stratospheric amount of data on the internet has made it difficult to segregate between rumors and rules. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing the weight needle spike when you have been religiously on a diet. Here is a small list of top diet myths you need to change your thought about.

  1. Caffeine to loose weight

coffee and weight loss

Notion: caffeine is  a diet suppressant and metabolism booster

Reality: While caffeine does spike the metabolism temporarily, on a larger scale the impact is literally none. Too much caffeine can have contrary effects to your mental health causing you problems like sleeplessness, anxiety and increased blood pressure.

Morning and an evening cup are more than enough for your daily routine. While caffeine blends well in our daily work routine; if often ends up as a sin if left unnoticed. While ordering your regular cup of JAVA, keep a stringent check on cream, sugar and other artificial flavors.

  1. Diet Plans: a necessity to weight loss

Notion: A diet plan is a necessity to weight loss.

Reality: while a systematic plan surely is a smart way to lose weight in short run, staying glued to it for long might affect other nutritional parameters. A diet is no magic wand that you can rub one day, and things will change. Try focusing on plan that leads towards systematic and cohesive growth.  Find a plan that helps you inculcate a large variety of food items and keeps you mentally satisfied. A large number of people move away from diet plans, as their plans are excessively restrictive and compromised.

  1. Eat Less, Weigh Less

Notion: Lesser you eat, lesser is your weight

eat less weigh less

Reality: Surely a 1000 calorie diet plan can help you lose weight drastically. Infact it can also get you maximum consumption on your health policy. Majority of the people who lose weight by crash diets often end up gaining it at exponential speed. It is also one of the major reasons why people lose the diet craze in short span of time. Never starve yourself on a food regime. Moderately regulated calories are often the best way to keep the restriction while sticking with it for long.

  1. Low/Free/Healthy-Food section of the market

low fat

Notion: If it says Fat Free, Sugar Free, Gluten Free are a healthy alternative.

Reality: What’s Displayed on the pack is surely not the reality. It’s what will make you buy the product. Low-Fat, Sugar-free, Low-Carb do not necessarily mean the food is an organic produce and it can be eaten guilt free. Displaying a low figure on the pack never justifies an over consumption of the same. Read food labels carefully. The pack might say sugar free but might not explicitly mention several artificial sweeteners that might have been added to make it edible.

Substituting Regular cheese with low-cal cheese doesn’t permit you to consume a cheese burst pizza.

    5. Regular small meals, against 3 large meals

Notion: Frequent meals keep your metabolism level spiked helping you burn more calories

Reality: while certain food items surely help spiking up metabolism, the effect is minuscule vis-à-vis weight loss dynamics. BMR is largely affected by bodies composition and size. More muscles mean more weight loss while at rest. A Kilo of fat free muscle burns about 7 calories in a day, while a Kilo of Fat burns 1-2 calorie. Though the figures are minuscule as compared to weight loss numbers, but muscles add substantial benefits when it comes to long term weight loss. Strength training along with cardio is equally critical of you are on a weight loss mission.

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  1. Very useful tips. what about one more tip- more protein rich diet.

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