Understanding Body Fat Percentage


Measuring tapes and Fat percentages are considered one of the most user friendly methods to measure Fitness Levels. Clients often come wondering to me saying I have lost inches in my naval but I still don’t feel fit; or another common saying is I want to lose weight despite the reality being you are minimal in size and any more weight loss is dangerous for you.Body Fat percentage chart

Let’s understand the basic principle of Body Fat, before we move on to calculating it. Body Fats scientifically known as “adipose tissue” serve various functions in the human body primarily working to provide energy to the human body for various day to day activities. The attached chart from the American council of exercise is one of the most common used metric to measure body fat. As visible from the chart, women have a higher body fat percentage as compared to men because of physiological differences like hormones, sexual organs and etc. Essential fat range is the bare minimum amount of fat percentage an individual should carry for a healthy physiological and psychological life. Excess body fats lead to the state of obesity; while some are genetically fatty other gain over time due to bad eating habits and lifestyle. Knowing your optimal fat percentage can help you streamline your goals of weight loss.


1. Mr. Transformer has a weight of 120 Kilos and a Body Fat percentage of 18% which makes him fall in the acceptable range.

2. Transformer plans to lose 15 Kilos. This loss maintaining the Lean Body Mass will take him to a Fat percentage of 6% making him fall in the bare minimum category.

3. Ideal situation for him will be to moose a few kilos and fall in the fit range rather than essential range.
Body weight does not necessarily mean you are unhealthy. Powerful muscular people tend to be overweight given the strong muscular weight they carry. Make sure to get your weight loss goals checked before you jump onto a figure. Burn Fat not muscles.

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  1. Can you please me with Stubborn lower belly Fat. I have a deposited layer and just not able to do away with it.

    1. Hi Rahul,

      Please drop a mail @ admin@commoncelebrity.com with few pictures and your diet plan; we will discuss and work out a feasible plan as per lifestyle.

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