Urban Landscape and Sedentary Lifestyle


Its no secret we Indians have grown accustomed to a lifestyle where Food, Grocery, Staples all come through an application.  

Is your furniture comfortable? Of course, it would be as you are glued to it majority of your wake hours. In this today’s quick fix downloadable culture, everything seems to be leading to a habit where movement is defined as sin. Some of us even can’t spare time for lunch and lead to al-desko.  While the sedentary lifestyle might not sound as acute a concern to send us in fight or flight mode. But the persistent presence in the same lifestyle is causing serious health concerns.

The effect of staying seated goes far beyond than Weight gain. Surely it leads to weight gain; It can also lead to concerns like cardiac arrest, fluctuating blood sugar levels, Stroke, slow metabolism and many more.

A sedentary lifestyle is a bad habit; one that can pull you down multiple folds. Here are some of the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

  1. Weight Gain

Sedentary is opposite to active. The first thing that comes with long periods of inactivity is gradual weight gain. You don’t need to be an athlete or a sprinter to break from a sedentary lifestyle, but you need to do at least more than a walk to and fro from the cafeteria.

weight gain

  1. Happiness Quotient

The mind is more linked to lack of movement than we think. A mundane lifestyle is most likely to give you psychological concerns like Stress, nervousness, hopelessness, anxiety and other concerns in the same boat. Exercising, on the contrary, has the ability to produce feel-good hormones which act as an antidepressant. Lifes own Natural Anti-Depressant.

  1. Blood Sugar

Individuals with an active lifestyle have a lesser ration of Fat to muscle ratio as compared to individuals who stay glued to a chair. The skin fat conditions can lead to several metabolic issues like blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, Blood pressure levels.

  1. Your Sleep

Long periods of inactivity lead to lack of circulation and fluid buildup in the legs. When we later try to sleep the fluid moves up to the muscles and tissues making it difficult to sleep. This hard time leaves us in a zombie like state. Those who exercise are twice as likely to get a better night sleep as compared to those who refrain from exercising.

sleep problems

  1. Backache

the effect of slouching goes way beyond the working hours. Sitting long hours in a chair puts excessive pressure on lower back making it prone to degeneration.

So get up, and move.

Stretches to alleviate back pain.

back pain

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Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

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