Varicose veins Problems? When to see a doctor and get rid of it Permanently?


Renu complained that she felt heaviness and pain in her legs after exercising. She thought that it was due to excessive stretching in the gym. The pain continued as well as the heaviness throughout the day. She didn’t go to the gym for the next couple of days. This helped her get some relief and the heaviness eventually wore off.

After two days, when she suddenly stood up at she had cramps in her legs. She had painkillers and went to sleep. The next morning she woke up and saw that the veins in her legs looked twisted, swollen and a bulged out. Confused as to what to do regarding this, she started searching online about treatment options. In the meanwhile, the veins turn purplish in color. This scared her more.

Does this situation sound similar to you? Have you faced a condition like this before?

If you have or know somebody who has then without wasting any time, see a doctor immediately! The condition which Renu is suffering from is known as varicose veins. Also known as varicosities, these occur when your veins become enlarged as these get overfilled with blood. In addition to the symptoms mentioned above, other symptoms that you are likely to feel are-

  • Mild swelling of your ankles or feet
  • Throbbing or cramping in your legs
  • Itchiness on the lower leg and ankle
  • Discoloration of the skin

Now that you know about the symptoms of varicose veins, then watch out and contact the doctor immediately if you feel any of these symptoms.

Is Surgery The Only Way?

There are many medical procedures you can opt but the condition can be treated by making some lifestyle changes also. These modifications prevent varicose veins from getting worse, decrease the pain, and also prevent the chances of other varicose veins from forming. Lifestyle changes include the following-

  • Exercise on a regular basis. To keep your muscles toned, your blood flowing and your weight under control it is best that you stay fit.
  • Lose weight if you are overweight or obese. When you keep a check on your weight then you put less pressure on veins of the legs and feet.
  • Don’t wear tight clothes as this restricts blood flow in the groins or legs.
  • Avoid sitting or standing for long hours without any break. If your job requires you to sit for long hours then stretch and exercise your legs at regular intervals to increase blood circulation. If your job demands you to stand for prolonged hours then consider wearing daily support hose.
  • If you are pregnant, avoid sleeping on your back to minimize the pressure from the uterus on the veins in your pelvic area.

What To Do When Home Remedies Are Not Working?

When none of the tips help with your condition, then it is vital you undergo varicose veins surgery. There are medical procedures that are performed to either remove or close the varicose veins. The procedures which doctors generally recommend are-

  • Sclerotherapy- In this procedure, you’ll be injected with a liquid chemical to close off a varicose vein. The itchiness and scarring inside the vein cause the vein to close off and it fades away. But this procedure is often avoided as the treatment provides results after 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Endoscopic Vein Surgery- The doctor makes a small cut in your skin near a varicose vein and inserts a thin tube with a tiny camera and a surgical device to move through the vein and close it.
  • Endovenous Ablation Therapy- In this type of treatment, radio waves are used to create heat to close off the vein.
  • Vein stripping and Ligation- Performed to cure severe cases of varicose veins, this involves tying shut and removing the veins through small cuts in your skin.

Will Laser Surgery Can Be Used To Cure Varicose Veins?

Times are changing, especially in terms of medical technology. Instead of treatments that largely involve large cuts or incisions, doctors are at present vehemently used laser-based procedures to cure varicose veins, that too permanently! These are absolutely painless because the whole procedure involves absolutely no cuts or incisions hence, there is no major bleeding. The whole procedure of varicose veins laser treatment is done under the influence of anesthesia therefore, you won’t be able to feel any pain or discomfort. In addition to this, the following benefits make laser procedures more favorable than other treatment options-

  • Minimal pain- People are scared when they hear about surgery. But these procedures ensure that there is minimum pain during surgery. But you should visit the doctor if you feel any pain near the incisions of the wounds.
  • Speedy recovery- You can recover within two days after surgery. You can resume your daily activity within a week or two after the surgery.
  • Outpatient treatment- Laser surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis that involves small incisions. Doctors can discharge you on the same day surgery after keeping you under observation for a couple of hours. But sometimes doctors also recommend their patients to stay back overnight.
  • No restriction on age- These laser-based surgeries can be performed in all age groups. But according to age and type of body, doctors may suggest otherwise.

Which Procedure Is Provide For Me?

There are a couple of factors you should discuss with your doctor to make a decision on which procedure is the best choice for you. Some things you should consider are-

  • Age and your health
  • The extent of varicose veins
  • Your symptoms
  • How well you recover from specific procedures
  • Your choice of treatment option
  • Doctor’s expectations about your condition in the future

You should be sure to talk to your doctor regarding any query you have about the procedure or regarding the anesthesia to be used. To keep this treatment at a distance, keep a check at your weight and avoid sitting for long hours. Wear compression stockings if you feel the need. Discuss all treatment options with a doctor.

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