Vitamin D : Sunshine Vitamin and Millennial Population

Vitamin D

Step Outside, Open Your Eyes wide; it’s time to take a sunny ride.

Suddenly Vitamin Sunshine is everywhere. Fitness Blogs, medicinal supplements, television shows to radio podcasts; vitamin D seems to be the pivotal health concern among populous these days. Despite being directly under the glare of tropical sun, fortunately 65-70% of Indians today are being diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency. Blame if to our lifestyle or pollution mores; nearly 2/3rd of the population being tested for vitamin D levels is either being reported deficient on insufficient.

What is Vitamin D: –

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble nutrient whose main action is to maintain calcium and phosphate concentrations at bone level. Along with maintaining bone health vitamin D is also essential for maintenance of immune, cardiovascular and reproductive systems. The fat-soluble vitamin can be obtained in 3 ways; from foods, supplements or from exposure to sunlight.

What is causing Vitamin D deficiency: –

Lifestyle is the operative word. Vitamin D production in the body is reliant on sunshine or UV exposure. Ultraviolet sunlight reacts with the cholesterol on the skin and produces a form of vitamin D. In millennial working culture optimal exposure to sun is only while we are on a beach holiday. Sunlight deprivation among professional who spend a substantial proportion of time indoors is considered as a major cause of the deficiency.


How to correct Vitamin D levels:

While dosing on D might seem to be the easiest way out to end deficiency, earth’s natural cure should be our 1st go to choice. lets look at some ways we can correct the vitamin sunshine deficiency within out body.

  • Get your level checked

Before you fall prey to the fitness marketing and start popping Vit-D pills, get your Vitamin D levels checked. The 25(OH)D is the most efficient test to let you know if you’re getting enough vitamin D. The test is cheap and easily available at almost every diagnostic lab.

  • Physical activity

There is no denying to the fact we live a life completely opposite to our ancestors. While they used to walk, we prefer to drive; they ate for nutrition, we seek calorie calculators, they used to read, we tend to scan. Physical activity is the key to muscle and bone health. Spending good amount of time outdoors, while cutting back on caffeine and colas is the best way to up the ante on D levels.  Aim to spend 15-20 minutes of your time daily in Sun.

  • Foods

Being fat soluble in nature Vitamin D is found in decent levels among animal foods. Fatty fish like Tuna, Salmon, Beef Liver, Egg Yolks, Cheese, Dairy products are popular food choices with high proportion of dosage D.

Everyday Foods for Vitamin -D

  • Embrace the Sun

Exposing yourself to Sunlight coming through your Limo or from the window pane of your cubicle is not considered the best way to consume the drug. Make some extra effort to spend some time in the sun daily. One doesn’t need to burn in the sun for vitamin D, but a 15-20 minutes spent in the sun is a good enough duration for a healthy lifestyle.

Amount of Vitamin Sunshine consumed from Sun depends on different factors:-

  1. Time:  Spend some time out in the middle of the day.
  2. Skin Color: Not being racist. People with darker skin need to spend a little extra in the sun daily as compared to white skin people.
  3. Skin Exposure: The more you expose bare skin, the better it is.
  4. Distance to Equator: One cant do much in this, but closer to equator higher the consumption


The last resort is popping up few pills of vitamin D. This is a good way to get vitamin D if you can’t manage enough from the sun or foods. Vitamin D3 is the best kind of supplement to take. It doesn’t matter what form you take, or what time of the day you take it, but make sure to not overdo on the supplementation.

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