Week to valentines Workout


It’s exactly a week to valentine and every guy wants to look like an alpha male before he heads out to that big date.

None of us would like to look down with that hanging flab on the day. You cannot turn the world upside down in seven days but you can surely make a visible change. We are talking valentines and chances are you might get lucky. NO matter what the day holds for you deep down you want to look best, who knows in the world where we land up in a day.

Let’s get the ball rolling. Balanced eating and calculated workouts is the outline for the attached schedule. There can be no exact draft of a routine as we all differ in shape and size; the nucleus would be focussed towards pumping the muscles and depleting the fat layer.

Muscles: – Nobody is seeing your legs, focus all your 7 days on the upper body. Focus is on Chest, arms, shoulders, biceps and moreover you can’t get the legs rolling in 7 days.

Schedule: You start off your day with 5-10 minutes warm up, once the blood cells are rolling it’s time to hit the body parts. Irrespective of the place you are working out the focus is High Intensity, High reps and low weights. Faster move in and faster move out. In case you are on Push-Up’s go in hard heavy reps, small rest and then move out. Move on to the next exercise whatsoever it is. Do not try to over drain you as you have a life also beyond gym; schedule workouts maximum for an hour. The session has to end at a High intensity cardio workout. Burn Fats as much as possible. A high intensity sport if can be accommodated 2 days this week go ahead with it.

If you have manly Boobs make sure to consume No Fat for the next 7 days and get those Push-Ups and Flat Bench press rolling. (NO Fat means no Trans fats). Those cookies, cakes, muffins have to go off the table for this week.

If you are regular to the gym make a circuit like: Chest, Back, Shoulder, Biceps, Triceps. Few exercise heavy reps, light weight.

If you do not have a toned core stay away from Abdominal exercises. Resistance training gets the blood cells rolling and you might look bloated from mid-section rather than lean.

These 7 days are towards Caloric Deficit. Elevators are a big No, Stairs should see you regularly.


  1. 5 meals a day should your target.
  2. All meals 15% less than your body demand.
  3. Makes sure to consume no Trans fats, stick to good fats. Olive Oil would be a better option to cook food. I hope you don’t intend to Deep Fry things in these days.
  4. Be wise with fruits. Some fruits have massive sugar content and its best to consume them in moderation. Fruits like Grapes, Litchi, Cherries, and Mango have high sugar content be careful while consuming them.
  5. In Meal options should primarily consist of Boiled Veggies. My personal favourite is a mixture of boiled carrot, beans, Broccoli, Capsicum without salt. Rice in any form in going off the plate for this week.
  6. Skip carbohydrates in dinner and make sure to maintain a gap of 2 hours between dozing off and your last meal.
  7. Skimmed Milk would be a better option or Home Set Curd for calcium in case you don’t take milk. Always stick to homemade recipes; there can be nothing pure then them.
  8. Get your Bowel Movement in order. Make sure to have lukewarm water early morning as soon as you get up. Adding a cap of APPLE CIDER VINEGAR will be helpful to go along with it.


All Hunks and Divas reading it, wish you HAPPY VALENTINES.

Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

Happy Karma!!!

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