What are toupees made of?

In terms of material, the toupee can be divided into human hair and synthetic hair. So, it is an important factor when you consider purchasing wigs.

The type of toupee materials:

(1) Human hair:

As the name implies, human hair wigs consist of human hair. Based on the location, the toupee includes Chinese hair, Indian hair, Brazilian hair, etc. From the hair quality and curvature, the Asian hair which covers China, Mongolia, Vietnam is relatively thick and straight. Compared with other Asian hair, Chinese hair feels smooth and is the most expensive. While Brazilian and Indian hair is relatively soft and has large curvature, it is suitable for European and American hairstyles and is used as hair extensions. According to the growth law, the longer the hair, the higher the price.

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(2) Synthetic hair fiber:

Synthetic hair which is similar to human hair is chemical fiber material made by chemical “silk” or “silk blowing”. For human hair material, synthetic hair is supplemental. The famous products are kanekalon and toyokalon in Japan.

In addition, based on the materials, the synthetic hair can be classified as:

– Low-temperature synthetic hair:

As for filling material, low-temperature hair can reduce costs. But the disadvantage is also obvious, which is easy to deform, difficult to take care of, hard to tolerate high temperature.

– Heat resistant synthetic hair:

For high-temperature resistance, heat-resistant synthetic hair has good character. At a certain temperature, this hair can be styled and dyed. The most important thing is that the heat-friendly synthetic fiber feels smoother.

– Protein Filament:

As the famous economics saying goes, demand drives development. With the enhancement of needs, the market produces many high-quality materials. In the field of hand feeling, compared to other synthetic fibers, the protein filament is silkier and more natural.

(3) Mixture hair:

Besides human hair and synthetic hair, people also use animal hair such as horsetail, camel hair to make a toupee. In the market, the so-called human hair may cover animal hair.


How to avoid bad toupee?

In my opinion, the bad toupee is not only perceived as a quality problem but also covers the selection method. In terms of materials, I prefer human hair wigs to synthetic hair. Of course, in reality, what we choose is based on the budget. Besides, I will give you more details about how to choose a hair toupee in hairstyle, color.


If your face is round, straight hair is a better option. While the long face is suitable for curly hair with a slight twist. In the toupee store, you should try to wear different hairstyles to choose suitable types.

(2)Hair color:

If you are a fashion girl or guy, a light color(blue, pink, red) is more suitable. If you just take advantage of a toupee to cover your bald, you should base your original hair color.


(3)Comfort level:

The base material which determines comfort and breathability is also important in daily use. In terms of comfort, the lace base is the best. But whether lace, mono, silk, or skin, I recommend you try to wear it as much as possible.

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