Working Out, but still not losing weight!!!

Exercising, eating clean, still not losing weight? If So, Read On….

It is one of the most frustrating moment for an individual whose actively engaged in a fitness regime, while the scales refuse to budge. The truth is eating clean and regular exercising are a relative and broad category statements. Blame it to the Friday night alcohol, Netflix binge eating, acute work level-stress or in some cases starvation diet plans for quick fix weight loss. We all know deep inside that we can make that extra effort of course correction, but we are only wishing for it not doing it.

Fitness is a lifestyle,and the day you design a clear marking of this thought will be the day you will look beyond diet plans and weight scales. Fitness is a Marathon not a sprint. The true meaning of Healthy Living is realized by an individual when he ditches the scales, starts loving his workout, and eats food to fuel the body and not to kill time.

Common Mistakes to blame for your frustration

Unrealistic Expectations

Being realistic and patient is the first step one needs to take on a weight loss plan. In reality we both know, nor did we put those kilos in a fortnight or a month, and nor are we going to loose it in a month. 

A lot of people complain that i am constantly engaged in the routines, but the scales are not moving. A weight scale will never tell you your body fat, water content, muscle mass and many more factors. The best way to judge is to see how your clothes fit into your body. Your “Before” and “After” pictures will speak louder than your peers. 

How do you define exercising Regularly??

Exercising routine is just like our personal life; the best of things happens to those who walk out of their comfort zone. if you have been doing the same routine repeatedly since a long time your body probably has got used to it.

Are you doing a steady walk on treadmill? You ride the bicycle while chatting with your neighbors? If you are just walking around and not intensifying your workout regime, you might be running around in circles. You need to make a shift in your ambitious range, such as moving from a 10 to 12 on treadmill, from Manual to resistance on Cross trainer, from 3 set sessions to 6 set (light weight session). The key is to break the plateau of adaptation.  Overtime as you engage in the same level of activity along with the same diet you don’t increase the energy expenditure in a linear way.

While the thought of challenge and intensity sounds good, make sure to create gradual spikes. Don’t go out for a cross country tomorrow when the maximum you have done a treadmill is 10 minutes.

Physical activity is just 20% of the game, Food defines 80% of the reality.

Diet and Exercise

Eating Clean??

For starters before we read this we have assumed all forms of sugar, packed, processed food to be unhealthy and they are not even in contention for a discussion.

In this fast-paced environment, the desire of instant gratification has made us millennials think a lot about food, and unfortunately marketing gimmicks have exploited it.  A lot of people who are new in this modern-day fitness industry look towards carbohydrates as the devil in weight loss. As the popular saying “experience is a hard teacher which takes the test first and gives the lesson later”; we all end up realizing it’s natures best recovery drug. The portion size of each component goes like this Carbohydrates (45% of DV), Protein (35% of DV) and Fats (20% of DV).

If what you have been doing is working for you, you would be not be reading this. If it is not ask yourself few questions?

The answer to all these questions will help you find the way of course correction. There is no homogeneous diet plan that can be applied to all. For example, someone who is a runner will need a different set of diet as compared to a lifter.

If you need some help  in answering these questions and figuring out what is going to work for you, Shout out to or lets Connect 

Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

Happy Karma!!!


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