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Gym Enrollment is done and you have pledged to make the next quarter the best quarter of your life. First few weeks of gym have passed by; you have worked all body parts in sync for the first few weeks and are now eyeing progression in gym. Polite Applause Sir/Ma’am the achievement might not be heroic; but you can surely take a back seat and enjoy a sense of satisfaction as you are through the difficult stage. It’s time to move on to schedules and think “Which part to be pumped which day of the week”.WP_20160203_001 (2)

Although no two training schedule can be measured on the same yard stick, as individual capabilities and capacities differ; however personally I am a big time advocate of 5 day splits and have used it majorly thorough out my training career. 5 day splits generally allow 2 day rest time so you have your off days to relax and cheat; plus it gives ample time for muscles to recover provided you have not hurt them with a wrong lift.

Body Parts to workout (in no specific order):-

  1. Chest
  2. Back
  3. Arms
  4. Legs
  5. Shoulder

(*Abdominal muscles have to be worked out thrice a week along with a primary part.)

There is no specific order in which one should carry out their schedule, however few things should be kept in mindCrunch before you pen down the same.

All corporate buffs do not schedule LEGS in weekdays; try scheduling them on a Saturday. Training lower body is taxing and you would not like to see yourself limping on a Friday evening get-together. Chest and shoulder/arms should be trained at a considerable distance as it allows arm muscles to recover and enhances performance for the next part. Sore Muscle: kindly wait a few days for it to recover; it is in your best interest.

[pullquote-right]Stagnation is one oath you should never take in any form of workouts.[/pullquote-right] Please don’t go over the board with the word so that you are not even able to make comparison of your performance from last week. For example sake if you have been running in that society garden 5 circles daily since last year you have probably reached a plateau. Give all your workout routines duration of three to four weeks before moving over to a different one.

If any routine you carried out doesn’t make you feel tired; you have probably not pushed yourself. Make sure every exercise you carry out makes that fat CRY and weep through your body sweat.

No matter what is your training motive Bulking, Leaning or General Fitness; never miss out on your cardio. Make sure to have a 15-20 minute cardio routine in your daily workout. There can be no better way for high intensity cardio than playing a sport you like; may it be football, hockey, basketball, etc. Let the sport be your cardio routine once a week.

It is imperative to give muscles necessary time to recover. Do not try to over workout a bad meal. The spectrum of individual motives and body structures is wide; so it’s not necessary what all is said applies to all. Kindly be wise enough to customize parts of it as per your bodily structure.

Stay Raw – Stay Unshakable

Happy Karma!!!

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