Abdominal Workout Routine


Fitness Gurus, Fashion Models or to a gym pundit the Look becomes Killer with a Chiseled abdominal structure. The 2 by 3 structure around the mid section from pelvis to Pecs is a sure shot turn on. However like all other muscles core cannot simply be populated via repetitions or variations; it needs a strict diet […]

Annihilate the upper abdominal muscles


The 2 by 3 columns of midsection are one thing that every guy dreams off when he jumps into the arena of Fitness. The midsection can easily be said as an alchemy that will put your law of attraction into an autopilot mode. While pundits might say different ideologies on how to train abdominal muscles; […]

Stability Ball Workout


Those bulky balls sitting relaxed on one corner of your workout area are not only to sit and feel the bounce. Gym Balls, Stability Balls, Fitness Balls, Swiss Balls or any other name you might like to give them reap benefits ranging from rehabilitating Body pains to enhancing core stability and posture. Effectiveness in developing […]

No Equipment Home Workout


Everyone gets pressed for time and too often the thing that’s first to be compromised is workout. Every excuse has a justification pyramid; strong enough to send you in a state of ambivalence. Answer to this, short workout. Trust me lack of time and metal to workout is a myth; you can produce killer workouts […]

Lean Body with Belly Fat


This article goes out for a specific type of problem recently shared by our reader Mr. Shauik Mukherjee. Shauvik has a lean structure overall but a stubborn belly fat; given the overall lean structure the bulge is clearly evident and shines like a crown. Common wisdom prevailing in the society, if you are overweight you […]



Second to none in terms of core strengthening, plank is one exercise you definitely would not want to miss in your routine. With no equipment, you can pull the same any place and any time of your choice. The exercise focuses on enhancing strength and endurance around abs, Core& back.  Planking lays down the core […]

Week to valentines Workout


It’s exactly a week to valentine and every guy wants to look like an alpha male before he heads out to that big date. None of us would like to look down with that hanging flab on the day. You cannot turn the world upside down in seven days but you can surely make a […]

Workout Routine Tips


Gym Enrollment is done and you have pledged to make the next quarter the best quarter of your life. First few weeks of gym have passed by; you have worked all body parts in sync for the first few weeks and are now eyeing progression in gym. Polite Applause Sir/Ma’am the achievement might not be […]

Beginners guide to Workout


Enclosed is the miniature BIBLE for your short term plan to eternal fitness. We assure the attached plan even if partially followed for a short span of time will bring you to the cover of Men’s health or cosmopolitan what so ever you desire. Breaking the herd the trail content has no offering as mentioned […]

Best time for Cardio Exercise


Steady State Workout, Fat burning Zone, High Intensity training; the workout world is flooded with Stories, concepts and myths that can bury you with no clarification. As always I am a commoner with common workouts, so none of my workouts would advise to sprint in the morning @4 am while ending the day with a […]