Worried, why your workout is not working?


It’s that phase when you have worked out for months and there is no considerable Bulk or muscle definition in muscle sizes. Sweating out day after day and not seeing any results might lead to motivation skipping the door, and frustration peeking in regularly. You can park the blame game at genetics or metabolism door, but the reality might be completely different from it. Let’s explore the major causes why that sweat is just not paying off.

  • Nutrition

It’s easy to Exercise, but not easy to keep up a proper diet. Working out six days a week and not fueling yourself with the right amount of nutrition, you are shooting yourself in your foot. A substantial amount of weight loss or gain is driven by what stays on the eating plate, not what happens in the gym. Eating too many calories makes you gain weight; depriving yourself of food and you lack the necessary energy to fuel workouts. Document what you eat if you have a habit of munching, this not only helps you keep track of your total daily calorie intake but creates a mental caution to check what is going inside that mouth.

  • All Cardio, Nothing else

While cardio holds its importance in calorie burning, only cardio will not help you meet your desired goals. A Holistic approach would be a mix of cardio, Weight Training, abdominal and flexibility exercises. Long cardio sessions often tend to push the body in endurance mode; thus targeting the lean muscle group, not Fat. It is pivotal to include weight training and other workouts to change the body weight composition. Weight training leads to increased muscle mass, stronger bone density and reduced fat composition in the overall composition.

  • Intensity

Whether it’s been days, months or years; if you haven’t increased the intensity of your workout routine since your last session, you are not on the right track. The Human body is programmed to adapt to situations, and get accustomed to them with time. So an hour’s workout a month ago which used to make that salty goodness drip from your eyebrows, might not even wet your face completely now. It is essential to train hard enough to push the heartbeat to train zone forcing the muscles to respond.

  • Over-training

It’s an old saying

“You don’t grow when you exercise, you grow when you rest”

. Rest and Recovery if not above stand  at par with exercising in all discussions about health. The Body grows lean muscle mass at rest and does the opposite when we over-strain as its energy to feed to cells. Lack of proper rest leads the production of stress hormone “Cortisol”; which in turn leads to deposition of fats in stubborn areas of the body. Individuals who deprive themselves with recovery generally tend to feel exhausted early during workouts and are prone to injuries.

  • Change

Consider yourself eating the same dinner for a year, will you like it? No. No prizes for guessing your workout regimes need to change like your dietary nutrition. Changing exercise patterns and routines help the body overcome the plateau it reaches following the same routines. The four-week workout plan is ideal to measure growth and progression, plus to introduce a change.

To end on a happy note if you feel lighter and rejuvenated with your workouts you are on the right track. Scales are just a measure; what the body feels is of paramount importance. Believe in your Karma.

                                                           Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

                                                                     Happy Karma!!!


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