About Us

Who am I?

The short story is I am a Media consultant by profession and a Fitnessfitness writer, vlogger, speaker, motivator by passion. I am here to help time-strapped individuals balance work and life.

Manu Arora

Hi, I am MANU, love to be nicknamed HULK ARORA. I am no nerd or geek who spends fortunes on working out just to look fit. I am here to help commoners with common ways to Level up their life.
You are here because you have a desire to improve. Probably you feel awkward standing in the crowd, probably your belly is large enough to act as a saucer for you, probably your health has deteriorated to a stage where you just don’t like your body.


My Mission

My mission here is to give direction to your desire, devotion to health as a lifestyle. The words might sound blunt but I have to invoke the alchemy of vision within you. The views, thoughts or opinions expressed in any blog are not against any individual or ideology; however, our vision is clear. We don’t fabricate muscles in manufacturing unit we craft them with sweat. Read My Interview

This site has lifestyle solutions for those who sit long in front of screens, drive marathon kilometers to work, want to live a healthy life and last for those whose courage and will lacks the endurance to live a healthy life. When the site says natural it has no 30 day or 14-day plan to Hollywood; simple lifestyle changes to wake up look in the mirror and smile. We will always orchestrate our tagline “Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable”.