Battling Monday Morning Blues

monday blues

If the above picture somewhat resembles to your Monday morning, congrats you are a perfect case of Monday morning Blues. If Monday morning sends you in search of a time machine to travel back to Friday, you are not alone. For many of us working in strenuous routines life feels like a 2-day week, with remaining 5 spent in wait of those 2 days. Weekends seem to finish by Sunday afternoon as we start anticipating our upcoming 5-day misery. If you love your job and are passionate about it, Monday is another day to make love. However, if you are part of those 84% of people who are not satisfied with their jobs, walking to the office on a Monday feels like walking to a warzone.

Where did the weekend go? You might have done quite a lot, but never got the true feeling of relaxation. And suddenly Monday knocks at the door. Packing Monday-Friday schedules with packed routines, while leaving all the fun for weekends inevitably backfires. Rigorous routines through work week leaves us feeling jaded, while taking the fun out of life.  Studies across the world have shown your emotional state has a lot of impact on your work performance. When feeling blue one is expected to be less creative, efficient and pessimistic.

Beating the Monday morning blues: –

Weekend Mindset:

Weekdays are way too long as compared to weekends, get out of living in the weekend mindset. Long stretches of all-work-no-play reinforces negative feelings through the workweek. Moreover, the expectation to achieve all that your life desires in 2 days is like pushing the bar a little too high. The restrained mindset makes you feel pressurized to make the most of it while inducing feelings of anxiety for the upcoming Monday. While Weekdays surely don’t permit you to wake up at noon, they certainly don’t stop you from social dining at dinner.

Mid-Week Break:

Weekends are just 2 days whereas weekdays are 5; Treat yourself with a mid-week break. Small Mid-Week Breaks help break the mundane while replenishing the lost sources of energy. Set aside fun and relaxing activities to look forward through mid-week, it makes the time between breaks easier to manage.

My best choice is a weekday movie outing. The pricing difference between weekend and weekdays is substantial across Asian Markets.

Problem Triggers:

The majority of the people in a corporate environment claim to be not suffering from stress, but the reality is different. Work environment stress is not something to push us in a flight/fight mode, it is chronic stress which forces us with physical and mental problems we see overtime.

If Monday sends you in a flight mode, the first thing to do is ask yourself “WHY”. If Monday blues are something that happens to you most of the weeks it’s time to deep dive. From a Role change to a job change the solution can be anything depending on the quantum of problem.

Plan Beyond Work: 

it’s good to plan for presentations and pivot tables, we should also plan for our social gatherings. Looking forward to crossing a desert with no oasis is mind, is a situation which can send anyone to blue mode. Rather than thinking at the tough stuff through the week look, forward to cheerful and joyful stuff. Playing a late night bowling game, watching a movie, seeing Ariana grande perform live; plan something that makes you happy.

Digital Detoxification:

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Monday-Friday is enough for work management if you can’t manage, learn to manage time. Avoid checking emails, messages on weekends if they are not urgent. We all are generally tempted to read mails through the weekends, scrolling through stuff that hardly needs any attention till Monday. Don’t just leave work physically on Friday, leave it mentally too.


Keep it light:

Best strategy to tackle a Monday is too keep it light. Schedule important meeting and discussion for Tuesday and Wednesday when you are at your top-notch performance. Instead of fighting your biggest battles on a Monday, schedule the discussions for the days ahead while keeping regular stuff for Mundane Monday.

For good or bad most of our daily awake time is spent at work. So, its certainly worth the effort to find the right balance between profession and passion to live a healthy work life.

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