Diet Plan for A Safe Monsoon


Did someone say Monsoon? Let’s have some Chai and Pakoras.

Monsoon has finally arrived in northern India and thanks lord; scorching summer heat has finally come to an end. Like every other season, Monsoon needs a little bit of dietary tweaking to match the surrounding environment and keep the body healthy. Unfortunately, Monsoon being a damp season brings along with it a lot of infections. Here are some foods to avoid during the monsoon season.

  • Green Leafy Veggies

It might sound counter-intuitive to the thought of health, but monsoon is a no-no season for green leafy vegetables. The damp season makes vegetables highly susceptible to germs and infections. No Spinach, Cabbage, Cauliflower and there extend family this season.

green leafy

  • Fish- Absolutely No

Its Breeding Season (Mating season) for fishes and prawns. You are not to skip Fish, for lovers to unite under water. Chances of infection in monsoon season are pretty high from Seafood during monsoon season. Take utmost precaution in terms of cleanliness and freshness of seafood if consuming in Monsoon Season.


  • Fried Foods

It’s difficult, almost impossible to skip the spread of Indian snacks in rainy season. But limiting it can be very beneficial for your stomach in the rainy season. The digestion power of our body is at an all-time low during the monsoon season, if we make It overwork with heavy foods It heads towards a burn out stage. Limit your diet plan to light foods and occasional breaks for a feast.

Forego a meal of chola bhature, the momentary pleasure is a great sin for your monsoon belly.

fried food

  • No Cut Salad/Fruit

Any Fruits/Salads you are consuming outside make sure its cut right in front of your eye. Exposure to monsoon air allows food to encounter contaminated air making it prone to infections.


  • Hydration

The best way to stay healthy during monsoon is to drink a cup of healthy every day. Skip Tea, Coffee, Fizzy, Aerated beverages and enjoy a cup of herbal tea every day. Jasmine, Chamomile, Rose- tea is one thing you will be spoiled for choices once you start consuming.

Herbal tea

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Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

Happy Karma!!

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