FAD Weight loss: The Real Picture


When it comes to “diet” or “fad diet” it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the choices on the internet. Though I don’t deny thoughts veterans have penned down for diets, but anti-fad diets like Beach, Atkins, GM, Alpha, Beta, Gamma and many more have a flip side you can’t ignore. The question is have you been able to sustain the diet for long? Have you been able to keep the pounds away?  This ideal diet plan will simply cut down the unnecessary chase and eliminate what’s only a gimmick. 

Irrespective of the legacy you have spent following fitness regimes; your ancestors were any day fitter than what you are. The levels of fitness our forefathers maintained despite being away from fabricated materials, stands out any day. This is the reason all future foods will be Seasonal foods. This diet plan simply states to cut down the calorie intake by a small amount and making sure all calories we consume come from farm and not from FedEx.1397479723575

  1. Pills

Just like any other form of medication fat loss pills work, and work effectively. but excessive medication comes with its own set of pitfalls. Diet pills have their side effects and should ideally be taken in cases of extreme medical discomfort as advised by a physician. Prolonged usage of the same might create a situation where you become puppet of the same.

  1. Carbohydrates

Each and Every Fitness plans revolves greatly around Carbohydrates, and why not it is imperative to maintain a limited and healthy carbohydrate Cycle to achieve any fitness goal one aims. No doubt depleting carbohydrates delivers results at the beginning as it helps reduce the water retention. Shunning carbohydrates completely from the body depletes muscles of their necessary energy and the individual starts feeling lethargic and restless. When our earning is not based on the chiseled core I am sure you will not want to be lethargic, moody, and restless while your fortunes are being decided. Carbohydrates play a pivotal role in the growth and should be carefully consumed across the day based on their glycemic index.

making carbohydrates work for you


  1. Depletion Programslettuce

Our body needs nutrition and every component play a critical role in that. Depleting few components completely might show an outcome of success for starters; however, in the long run, we are looking at a possible element deficiency. The balanced diet should always consist of fruits, vegetables, dairy, whole grains, lean proteins, and minimally processed foods.

  1. Low-calorie Diet

Terming it as Banging a Hammer on your feet. A low-calorie diet, which leads to a substantial reduction in intake leads to muscle loss and reduced metabolism. A prolonged period of calorie deficit leads to reduced metabolism and bone density. Fans of rapid weight loss are often seen encountering meteoric weight rise when moving back to a normal diet.

  1. Diuretics

Getting beach ready, or wanting that chiseled core to pop-out; individuals often move towards Diuretics as a quick fix to water loss. You are not only peeing water after consuming a diuretic, but also essential fluids like potassium and magnesium. Just like any other gimmick diuretics also come with their downside. Be careful before you complain about a swollen body due to dehydration.

  1. No Exercise Diet

Any diet plan that does not entail you towards lifestyle changes like exercising and a balanced diet, it is probably a gimmick. The best diet plan you can treat your body with is eating seasonal and eating clean.                                                                

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