Fidget While You Work


Toe-tappers, fidgeters, pencil drummers, leg shakers-your habits might help you live longer.

It was not long ago when fidget spinners took the internet like a rage; the street smart 1-dollar gadget eclipsed a market of 1 billion globally. Add to it the unaccounted low quality Chinese versions, the product garnered larger than life revenue in short life span. Prior to the fidget era was the squeeze ball era, prior to that Rubik’s cube and other historical things. Fidgeting with sensory toys at work has been around quite a while. While it might not sound heroic but fidgeting while you work can offset negative effects of sitting all day, as many of us do these days.


“While I squeeze stress ball at work to relax my shoulder tendons, people feel I am stressed”-It’s not what it always looks like.

Traditionally, fidgeting is considered as a sign for anxiety, self-doubt, distraction, self-consciousness and many more sins. On the contrary, fidgeting can reap good benefits to health in terms of weight management, concentration and lowering the risk of health complications.


How does Fidgeting help: –

  • Distraction

We often find ourselves trapped in high intensity situations at work. Fidgeting provides the right kind of minimalistic distraction to break the mundane and brush away the dust from thinking cap. Fidgeting gadgets provide that right balance to those short 2-minute breaks while at work. Be Honest, how many time have you arbitrarily started a conversation while at work just to break the mundane. Or canned social media feeds just to set a distraction in mind.

  • Weight management

How much weight loss possibly can squeezing a stress ball lead to?
Surely more than gazing at the flash screen.

Fidgeting while sitting or standing can burn 26-30% more calories as compared to the same time spent sitting idle. While clicking pens cannot be a substitute of exercising, but it can help you burn 100-200 calories extra to balance the evening snacks.

  • Quit Smoking

Anyone who has tried to quit smoking before can tell you that half the battle is the loss of something to do with your hands! While nicotine patches, chew gums do play their part in keeping the mouth busy; hand movements are missed in these motions. Fidget toys are a terrific way to keep the hand busy and occupied.


  • Stress

Fidgeting is behavioral mechanism for coping with stress. Fidgeting is a self-regulating mechanism of body to cope with periods of elongated attention. Physiological signs of stress rise significantly during periods of sustained attention, fidgeting helps relieve the stress rather than reset.

While Fidgeting surely isn’t a medicinal cure force to counter the ills of long sitting hours; but it can offer enough of a break to make a difference. Next time you read an article do yourself a favor, fidget around a little. For those of us who find fidgeting being directly proportional to nervousness and bad mental

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