Finding the implausible: Work-Life balance

work-life balance

Exhausted with your Nine-Five? Sacrificing Sleep regularly for Deadlines? Relaxation looking like a concept for Mars?  Sitting in November, and worried about March? (that’s Me-awaiting promotion). It’s a clear sign of your struggle between Work-Family-You. You have probably sacrificed all your passions or are just not in them like before. 

Work-Life Balance-fairly simple a concept everyone in the modern-day culture wishes to achieve, but highly unlikely one achieves it at all. You, Me, My colleagues, your colleagues we all have the same set of problems-Stress, Deadlines, Revenue Sheets, Traffic, Infinite power games, and the list continues. Work-life balance has become like a colossal game of Jenga, while the tower still stands, but the balance is distorted.

Here are some things to get your Balance/Life back:

1. Switch Off-Unplug

Counterintuitive it may sound to the concept of technology and round the clock connectivity, disconnecting with gadgets is the only way you can find peace with yourself. You are likely to miss out on the important moments of life if you keep your noses buried in a device.


2. Never Ever Al-Desko

Anyone working in this cut the ranks, extract more from available will want to earn those extra brownie points in front of Bosses. Not taking adequate work breaks to refresh will make you feel sluggish through the remaining Seven hours(as per biometric) of work. Eating in isolation has been linked with stress and overeating, so might be calling in SICK soon if you continue this lifestyle.

3. Call-Move beyond Broadcast messaging list

Talk about your issues in person to someone rather than turning to Google or Social Media for advice. Posts, Tweets, Filters can never overpower a real-time conversation with words. Reach out to your peers, family, friends regularly to learn, unwind, grow.

4. Health

We are struggling to prove ourselves at our jobs working longer and harder. The late sit-downs to put in extra hours, extra assignments to make our value visible all at stake of our personal times. If you don’t look after your physical and mental health, your job sure hell yeah won’t.

5. What’s your leave balance Status?

You have earned it, it’s your right. While it sounds easier than done but make sure you at least attempt to do your vacation time. Vacation is the time that allows you to empty your mind and replenish the lost stores of energy. Try depth of oceans and width of mountains works wonders on thoughts.

6. Podcasts

There is one for every moment, occasion thought and feeling out there in the universe. From Sarcasm to a murder mystery, Commoncelebrity to Fashion there is one for every choice. These talks surely not finish your daily tasks, but it rather helps on energy levels while you work.

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Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

Happy Karma!!

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